February 07, 2009

Gladys, Sophie, Jason and a precious little girl named Ava

If you want to know more about I love Jesus, but I drink a little, Gladys Hardy. Just click on her name and it will take you to her personal website. I was talking with one of my friends today and she had heard that it was possibly the Greater Tuna actor who was the real Gladys Hardy. Neither of us really knew, so when I got home tonight I googled Gladys and found out that she is apparently who she says she is. If you have no idea who I am talking about....Gladys is a call in guest on Ellen's show. She is hysterically funny. Here is her on You Tube talking with Ellen on the phone. It is laugh out loud funny. I remember watching this episode when it first aired and I was crying I was laughing so hard.

This all became fresh again as it is now making it's rounds on Facebook. Funny Stuff!!


Today we celebrated Sophie's 10th Birthday. She chose to take a couple friends to see Hotel For Dogs (same movie as Jack chose last week), then go to the park and play with her friends. It was a fun afternoon. Last week I had to leave Rob and the kids at the movie to get to a sitting, so I didn't get to see very much of it. I was glad to see it fully today. This was a sweet and fun movie. It doesn't take much to make me cry in a movie, and this one was no different. Cried like a baby at one point. But happy endings and a lot of laughs and dozens of cute dogs make this a very fun family movie.


Music. I have been listening to Jason Mraz. I downloaded his album on Itunes and there are several songs on his album I love. A couple not so much, but overall it is a totally fun album. If you like Jack Johnson and Colbie Collait you will love his music. It is that fun kicking back on the beach kind of music. I am also loving my other latest downloads, Michael W. Smith - A New Hallelujah and an old Jack Johnson album In Between Dreams.


Blogs. I click through blogs pretty quickly. There are my must go to sites that have to to with photography, there are my friends sites, and some inspirational sites I love. But there is a blog that has hooked me. A couple of weeks ago one of my photog blogs featured Sheye Rosemeyer. She is a wonderfully gifted photographer out of Australia. As inspirational as her images are that is not what hooked me. She is writing about her life and their families journey since her daughter, 3 year old Ava, passed away 2 years ago -Her post yesterday was called Seven Hundred and Thirty Days. The back story on Ava and her family...Ava was at her grandparents house playing, and then went home which was right next door, both homes are enclosed together within a large fence on the property, on her way to her house she must have decided to get something from her families car, which was in the sun that day, and as Sheye puts it, she could not find her way out. I assume both houses of family thought she was at the other and the heat got to little Ava. Here is a picture of precious Ava.

The words Sheye writes are beautiful, elequant and heart felt. Would you join me in praying for this family. Ava is in the arms of Jesus, but just to look at Ava's picture and know that life must go on without those precious eyes and lovely curls makes my heart hurt and I am a total stranger. God bless Ava's family.