October 22, 2008

The answer to that is above his pay grade....

I am going out to vote early today. Walked by a voting booth on Monday but didn't have time to stop, as the lines were crazy and half way out the door. There are many reasons I am voting for the man I have chosen. But if there were no other reasons than this, I would still be voting for my guy. If I liked the OTHER guy, and everything else about the promises he makes and he felt this way I still couldn't vote for him. May God have mercy on us as a people.

God shows us mercy in so many ways, He forgives our sins if we only ask Him, He restores our souls, and refreshes our hearts when He is part of our day. To an individual who has made this choice I can only do what God does...grieve and love. I grieve the loss of a child, but I love the person who made the choice. The women I know who have made this choice are haunted for years after. What seems like the easy way out, is a way out filled with unimaginable oppression. Satan makes us think that we can commit a sin (whatever that might be), once we give into that sin, he is not done with us, he then turns against us and whispers things like, now you have done it, you can never be forgiven, you are a horrible person, if that person only knew what you have they would turn against you. That poor tortured soul who was enticed to sin by the forces of darkness, is now shamed and harassed by the very evil that took them to the sin. What are we as God's hands to do, we are to love them. Help them be restored to fullness in Christ. But as a people we can not sit idly by while our courts open the floodgates, to such wrongs. Love the wounded and broken and fight for what is right in our country.

There is a beautiful story on restoration here: http://lysaterkeurst.blogspot.com/2008/09/my-letter-to-david.html


Linda said...

Thanks, Tammy, for this thoughtful blog. There are many reasons to vote for or against a candidate....this one is definitely a big reason to vote for the man I am voting for.

Brandi said...

Such a lovingly written, thoughtful post.