March 06, 2016

Marriage on Lent Day #28

Let's continue to pray for the marriages of those around us. Let's not give up but continue in faithfulness to intercede for the hearts of the many in our daily path that could use prayers of encouragement.

Thanks so much to Terri and Brad for their testimony of where God has brought their marriage.

Testimony from the Heart
The first 18 years of our 27 (as of this April) years of marriage were not very good. In fact they were horrible. At one point I just thought it would be easier if my husband would die...come to find out he thought the same thing. 

My husband had brought some sin into the marriage I didn't know about and it really scarred me and caused a lot of distrust and anxiety. We were not believers when we married, we believed in God but had no personal relationship with Him. 

We didn't know about the gospel, giving our hearts to the Lord, confessing our sins, and Jesus being our link to God. That happened at different times for us, Brad coming to that place first, and myself in 1997 when we started attending a bible-teaching church. I heard the gospel message for the first time and gave my heart to Jesus and really started hearing and learning and applying the word of God. 

But, that didn't fix our problems. And we each have a different version of exactly how our marriage was fixed...Brad says that God told him on a certain date (and he can recite it by heart) that we would not argue for a year from the day He spoke. I say that I began to pray earnestly that God would make me the wife Brad needed (not necessarily wanted) and that he would accept that and we'd have the marriage God intended for us. Probably, it's a combination of the two. 

But, I can tell you that our hearts were softened, God was allowed to work, and our marriage did indeed get better and in fact very peaceful and fruitful. Today nobody would ever guess our marriage was in shambles 10 years ago. Our small group was shocked when we confessed this, they thought we were "Barbie and Ken." We had a good laugh at that one. Hopefully this will be an encouragement to someone else.


Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God...Phil 4:6.

Terri and Brad