December 23, 2010


We have arrived at December 23 and thankfully we are no worse for the wear. The first 21 days of December were filled to the brim. Not another item could have been scheduled in any of those days. I think I have taken 6 naps in the last two days to recover from the busyness and that is more naps than I have taken in the last 6 years combined. I started December studying for Finals and completed them with good results. Then before I could even get my book bag put away I had two days to prepare for a cruise. No sympathy necessary here, however it was still crazy. Rob and I celebrated our 15th Wedding anniversary this year in August, we have pinched every penny possible and saved our Tax Return check from last year to celebrate. We had originally planned this trip for our 10th anniversary but at that time we were in the midst of Jack's cancer and of course we didn't even want to leave for a day at that time. We had a wonderful time and it was nice to be together and have new adventures on and off the ship each day. It was a fun experience. We arrived home late Sunday afternoon, washed some clothes and re-packed all of us to head to Dallas for a strabismus eye surgery for Jack. We had a 2pm Pre-Op appt. for Jack on Monday and then headed to the Ronald McDonald House to stay the night. I took some pictures of the new RMH and will post those after the holidays. It is a beautiful facility. Jack's surgery was first on the dock for Tuesday morning, we woke up at 5am and did our cleaning and linen pulling at the RMH then headed out to the hospital for our 6:10 arrival time. Jack did excellent and is always an inspiration to me. I am thankful that he doesn't remember the pain after he came out of surgery, once the fog lifted the pain was under control and he had been given 4 different doses of pain meds. We spent a couple of hours in recovery then were able to get him dressed to head home. We arrived home and put him on the couch where he stayed for the next day. His eyes are doing well, one is open, maybe today or tomorrow the other one will be able to stay open. We are planning on getting out today so we will see how that goes. Tonight is our yearly Family Christmas Party. My favorite family event of the year. I am blessed with a great family, my grandpa always keeps us laughing. We are blessed.