May 24, 2010

Cubs Game at Ranger Field

Much to our delight the Cubbies came to Arlington to play the Rangers this past weekend. They are in different leagues so they don't play each other every season. It had been 3 years since the Cubs played at Ranger Field. If I sound like I know a lot about baseball, I do not. I was just very well informed on our drive to and fro Arlington yesterday. Derek had figured out they were here last week and we all adjusted our schedules so we could go to our first family Cubs game. Rob was the only one of us that had seen them play before. To say that Derek was excited would not even come close to his feelings about attending a Cubs game live. It was a blast to be together to experience such delights. I went assuming (you know what they say about assuming), that the Rangers would win. Let's face it, when you are a Cubs fan you love them for being the Cubs not because they win a lot, or even often. To us, and to the millions other Cubs fans out there, they are our beloved team rain or shine, win or lose. Well my assumption was wrong, the Cubs won the game. It was too good to be true. I was able to ride home in our van with happy men folk. Men folk who recounted the joys of the game and not the woes of the loss. It was a day of sheer perfection.
Here are some pics of the day.

The field.

Derek and Sophie

Rob's smiling face. And sunned head.


Me and my girl.

Our seats were in the sun and it was h.o.t. Jack, Sophie and I headed up for the cheap seats that were shaded. We actually left our sunny seats to get some shade and when I couldn't find anywhere to sit in the shade I opted for finding new seats. I told Rob we would return in a while once we cooled off a bit. I had tried to call Rob to let him know that we had found shady seats and would be planning on staying put in the shade. He didn't hear his phone when I called him. I took this picture of Rob and Derek sitting in their seats several sections down and over from us. The weirdest thing happened, because Rob didn't hear his phone ring I knew I was going to need to walk back over and let him know that we had found new seats. Well before I did that I wondered if I could just wave and get his attention, so I did and believe it or not he looked our way as I was waving and saw it was us. This image is way zoomed in, we were too far away to make out faces but I recognized his floppy Cubs hat and he saw the 3 of us. It was so cool. Anyway he and Derek joined us a bit later so we could all sit together for the rest of the game. It was so freaky cool.

A Cubbie pitching.

Our wonderful Texas Rangers, whom we adore and only cheer for the other team when it happens to be the Cubs.

Game is over and the guys are headed to the dugout.

Our family after the game.



The Cubs fans are epic! They were everywhere for the game, and I heard that it had been that way for the previous two games in the series. They are dedicated and love to celebrate those wins. As we were walking back to our car this group of people had the music turned up high and were singing a Cubs Victory Song for all who walked by. It was great to be at the ballpark on a day where your team was the one being celebrated.

Go Cubbies!!

May 13, 2010

Starting a New Book,..Strong Women Soft Hearts

There is an on-line book discussion going on here That is how I heard about this book,...Strong Women Soft Hearts written by Paula Rinehart. I am checking in here and there at the bloom book club, but I am reading the book on my own. This book has a lot of depth to it, in fact the first several pages reminded me of a Henri Nouwen book. The gist of the book is being a woman who lives with passion, but with a wise heart. This book has already spoken great insights, here is an exert from page 14.


"Some of our wounds, though, are inflicted by others. A husband walks off after 25 yrs of marriage and you are left to pick up the pieces. Or a drunk driver leaves you with months of physical therapy and a stack of bills. Or the s*xual abuse suffered at the age of twelve becomes the reason you stay clear of men. It is easy to build small lives around the pain we encounter, to get lost in one thread of the plot of the story and miss the big theme. We can, unfortunately, build a monument to our woundedness. We can shape an identity around the things we've suffered. But somewhere in this, our hearts become frozen in place and the real life God has given becomes hidden, even to us.

The shrinking of our lives is like living in a beautiful old home, where we are meant to have access to every room and fresh breezes blowing throughout-only our response to the pain of life is to let guilt and fear and shame take up residence there, until we quietly shut the door to room after room of our souls. There's nowhere left to live, except perhaps the front parlor where we receive guests who are never invited in much farther, and with whom we exchange only polite pleasantries. All the while, we wonder how on earth we have come to be so lonely." That is the tragedy of becoming a stranger to your own heart.


I loved those two paragraphs....I wish I would have known in my teens, 20's and early 30's that I was not defined by my circumstances. I think of all those years living in the prison of fear, fear of not being good enough, not being loved, not being who others wanted me to be. For those of us who live our lives as pleasers fear can be a great big rock that hangs over your head. I wish I knew that the fear wasn't real. It was something that was born in my head and held me captive, it was a ploy to keep me living in a tiny little room where there was a beautiful old home just waiting for me. The gift I have been given is to see that my thoughts kept me captive for years....Jesus Christ came to earth to set the captives indeed. Whenever those lies about myself or fear creeps in I just need to compare it to the truth from scripture to see that there is no place for that in my life as a follower of Christ. Living a passionate life with a wise heart is what I strive to do with God's help...every. single. day. A life that is lived well. With God's help each day is a new adventure.

Looking forward to a good read.

May 09, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day is a day of blessings because I am a mom and I love being a mom. I rejoice in my children and the blessing of being carefully chosen to be their mom and walk along side to guide and teach them about life, love and most importantly the love of God.

But as happens each week of Mother's Day I doubly miss my mom. As I was walking down the hallway this morning I read a poem that my mom had written about her mom. After my mom passed my mother in law had my mom's typewritten poem framed and it hangs in my home. My mom was a writer, she expressed herself through words and poems. She loved on all people she met. She was a friend to the friendless. Jesus was her best friend. She is an inspiration to me.

Here is the poem she wrote about her mom.

The Last Beginning

When one so dear
Has gone beyond,
Should we rejoice or cry?
For us to reach that Golden Shore
Everyone must die.

We rejoice that you have found
The love that lasts forevermore.

Because of the faith
You left behind,

We, too, will find that Shore.

Written by Beryl in memory of her mother.

As the poem was written by my mom for her mom I thought the fitting picture here would be with my parents and my mother's parents. This picture was taken in my mother's homeland of Australia.

Thanks for the faith you lived out, mom. I pray all of us kids see that it is the only thing that matters.