June 06, 2013

The Summer of Preparations

Last summer was the summer of love at our house http://tammymarcelain.blogspot.com/2012/05/2012-summer-of-love.html. Loving God, others and ourselves through purposefully spending time with God and serving through volunteer work. When my kids were little it was easier to have a routine. Now that they are all teenagers with different schedules, flexibility is the key to a happy routine and mama.

Here we are at the beginning of summer and I am thinking about balancing television, reading, video games, and how to bring some productivity and intentional quiet time with God into my teenagers days.

This summer is the "summer of preparation to be an adult." My "plan" is to teach my teenagers how to take care of a home from top to bottom. I have printed out some housekeeping lists and plan to work with them on taking care of a home in a more full way than just vacuuming or emptying the dishwasher. Then a fun addition is how to make some staple meals. I am going to let each of them pick two meals that are budget friendly and have them make them for us a couple of times through the summer so they will have 2 meals they can make easily.

Some of my resources on cleaning come from a site that uses flylady. I love flylady cleaning methods so am excited to integrate her into our routine.

And not only learning to take care of their home and meals, but their hearts through quiet time, study and prayer with God.

Preparations for when they spread their wings and fly the nest...in just a couple of years.