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100 deg. temp

Double Prayers Today - Jack and Baby Ira

EEEK!!!!! Jack's counts are 11.


Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve Gift!


Alone in the Theater

Science Kit


Great Counts Today

Gingerbread Houses

Jack Has Issues

Happy Thanksgiving

Easy Day

From Slop to Victory... who knew... well, besides the Lord

Long day, not bad, but verrrrrrry long.

2nd Hayride of the Season!

Back in the Saddle Again (or the chemo chair)

Dressed up for Halloween

Jack is Feeling Great!

Pumpkin Carving Day

New Hats From Aunt Jan in Missouri

I Learn to Bow

From one end of the earth to the other.

A new friend

Dallas Trip

Not Only Is It Working....

Is it working?

Strong Little Man

He knows people love him.

"Be not dismayed, for I am your God"....those words bring warmth to my heart.

A Wonderfully Made Head



My Nana -the Hayride and Fishing

Cowboy Jack

Donut Boy Brings Hoots, Hollers, and Cheers

Smile at Jesus

YIPPEE Jack's Counts Have Risen

One Month Mark