August 23, 2011

More D.C.

The family wanted to go to the Spy Museum which was right across the street from the Portrait Gallery. I opted for the Portrait Gallery, I loved it, however, I did feel a bit left out when all the rest were talking about their secret undercover names and assignments that they attained while in the spy museum. Here are some images from the Portrait Gallery.

Thomas Jefferson

Rosa Parks

Eunice Kennedy Portrait with several special needs kids. I loved this painting. It was realistic looking, looked almost like a picture. The beautiful children and the little girl with her arms outstretched to the ocean. Eunice Kennedy ofcourse started the special olympics. She is in the background with her arms around the kids looking at them to see what they need and share a smile. I think about this painting a lot.

We experienced many wonderful places while in D.C. Many of which you have seen pics of before...all the Memorials, Jefferson, Lincoln, the FDR which is the newest and it is amazing. You must go see it if you are in DC, it's along the mall hidden in some tree's. We saw the Capital with a tour from R. Nauggebauer's office, Arlington Cemetary, Ben's Chilli Bowl, the Pentagaon. It was an amazing visit. The kids loved each and every moment. We were so grateful to Dave and Kristi for their hospitality. It was a trip our family will never forget, it was quite a magical and meaningful experience for us. Our first official family vacation was one we wont ever forget.

Thanks for travelling with us through memory lane.

Random D.C.

Harry Potter opened up while we were on our vacation. We went a couple of days after it opened with Dave and Kristi to the Imax 3D.

We decided to do another hop on hop off tour bus for the first couple of days in D.C. It was a great way to see the city. While we were in DC we stayed with Dave and Kristi, Kristi would generously drive us to the train station by their home in the mornings then we would take the train in and tour the city. We loved the Metro.

Here we are at the Holocaust Museum. Jack and Sophie are both lighting candles for those that died in the Holocaust. It was a sad museum, but good for the kids to see the history.

We went to the top of the Washington Monument.

These images are from the American Pop Culture Smithsonian.

Here are some pics from our visit to the National Cathedral.

Mount Vernon- the Original GW's digs.

We visited Mount Vernon with Dave, Kristi and their two sweet girls. David and Kristi were phenomenal hosts to us during our visit. We had the best time with them. Here are some pics of our Mount Vernon visit.

This tree dates back to when George Washington was alive. There are two on the property that were there when he was alive. He and Martha could stand on the back porch and look out to the Potomac river with this very tree framing their view.

This is George Washington's burial tomb. On the other side of the room is Martha's tomb which looks similar. George was originally buried in a brick tomb, but left instructions to have a space more fitting for he and Martha to be constructed before he died. He was moved from the original tomb to the current one within a year or two of his burial.

The slaves that worked for George Washington were freed as instructed in his will. The area following this sign as you will see in the pic below through the brick arch is the memorial area for all the slaves who were buried on the land. No markers. Just buried. I thought the light through the archway was so beautiful. It reminded me that we might not know the names of the people buried here, but God does.

This is the back of George and Martha Washington's residence. The front had ladders and drapes as they were restoring and touching up to preserve the site.

What's outside your window from Boston to DC?

I took about 500 pictures when on the train. There are probably many reasons for this: I am old and will forget most of what I see if I don't have a picture to remember it, taking pictures is part of who I am, I also loved the movement dynamic in many of these images. Many of the still looking shots we were going just as fast as some of the tilted or blurry images, but those images were a bit farther away which would have some physics explanation of which I am not qualified to attempt to answer. But I loved how many of the items close to me would look as though they were bending, and I love the blurry shots too. I was a crazy woman with my camera this day, but it sure passed time quickly. My favorite images are of the water, and especially the beach shot with all the beach goers and their umbrella's. Beautiful ocean side views.