June 28, 2010


I miss writing on my blog. I really do. It is a sweet old friend and it has been too long since I have stopped to share a story or two. We have been busy this summer, I think that is the case with everyone I know. I am enjoying being with my kids, and have enjoyed a summer without much of a schedule to follow. However, add some camps here and there and a trip to see family and the unscheduled summer is quite busy with activity. Derek has gone to two basketball camps so far this summer, and soon has his very first mission trip with the youth group. Rob will be going as a parent sponsor. They will have a blast. I am praying for both of them to feel the presence of the Lord each step, and as Derek is maturing into a young man to feel the call even more powerfully to serve the Lord by helping others every chance he gets.

Jack and Sophie have stayed busy too. Jack has several camps coming up, Sophie has attended a week of art camp that she loved. They will both be attending a day camp for APAC (Abilene Performing Arts Company) which will last 2 weeks and finish up with a performance of Annie Jr. at the Paramount on the 16th. This is a first for this type of camp for them, it is a very intensive two weeks so I am praying that they have fun and don't feel too stressed out about it. Both have several friends that are participating also so they are happy to hang out with their peeps.

Jack will have Camp Esperanza (Camp Hope) through Dallas Children's Hospital again this year. He just found out this week there was a place for him, so he is very excited. He loves the time at this camp and I love that he gets to hang out with a camp full of cancer survivors/patients. It is a blessing for him to see that he is not the only kid that has been affected by cancer. After Esperanza the kids will finish off their camps with a church camp.

We haven't been this busy during the summer ever with camps, however last summer the kids made it a goal to watch all 7 or 8 seasons of Full House by the end of summer and they did it with just a couple episodes shy. So this summer I thought we would try and add some extra activity. They have had downtime but no long stretches of it, and they have enjoyed their fun both at camps and at home.

I have spent my summer enjoying not needing to be studying for an exam ; ) I do miss school, and I am excited for the Fall Semester, however I am not wishing it sooner than it will arrive. I start beginning Greek this Fall and I am a bit anxious about it, but it has been the class that I am most excited about, so yay! it's almost here. Not too much longer will I be able to utter the words....It's All Greek To Me ; )

June 06, 2010

Friends are leaving on a jet plane, prayers lifted at 10:02am

Sunday afternoon. I just saw a "tweet" from a friend of ours who will be leaving on a jet plane with his family tomorrow to head back to his home country to begin a lifetime of mission work on his home soil. The thing is about this family is that from the moment that they found Christ they have been missionaries for the cause of Christ everywhere they have gone. They are joined by some other dynamic Christ followers who have like this family been on the mission field from the moment they proclaimed Christ as their Savior. They will be living life and walking the journey keeping their eyes open for others who want Christ but don't know very much about Him, or maybe nothing at all. To look into the eyes of any one of these men/women on the missionary team is like looking into the eyes of Christ. The love they have for others through Christ is so apparent it is almost tangible. I wish them all well, Godspeed.

I was at a send-off weekend last week to celebrate this missionary team and the weekend was full of the Spirit. It was a precious time to encourage and shed a few tears as I have grown to love this family. While we were listening to some information on mission work at 10:02am many people's cell alarms went off. This was their reminder to pray for the harvest. Or in my words to pray for the missionaries around the world and for those who want Christ to be a part of their lives but do not know Him yet. A couple of days passed after the 10:02am alarms and I thought that I would also set my alarm on my phone to pray specifically for my friends who are headed to their mission field and also our sweet friends who are missionaries in Hawaii. I also include a general prayer for all missionaries, but I speak the names of my friends. This has been a sweet blessing to me. I know that each one of those names are heard and thank God for His provision and faithfulness in their lives.

Why 10:02? Some people choose the a.m. and some the p.m. But the 10:02 specifically refers to Luke 10:2 He told them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field."

I took this picture above of one of the prayer stations at the send off last weekend for the missionary team. Each person/family had a station dedicated to them where we could all spend time in prayer for them, write a note, or a scripture down and stick it on the wall next to their picture so they could always have the reminders of those who are lifting them in prayer and encouraging them from what will be a far. I think of these prayer stations often, and each morning when my alarm goes off at 10:02 I feel like I am back at the prayer stations writing my note and saying my prayer all over again.

Do you know some missionaries or believe in the Cause enough to pray for them? 10:02...

June 05, 2010

Fishing Tournament

There was a local fishing tournament today for kids up to 15 years old. They were allowed to have a mentor helping them with some limited tasks, but were required to do most of the ins and outs themselves. Elaine's husband, Tom, loves to fish and takes the boys quite often on Saturday mornings. Today he took them to Nelson Park for the 3 hour tournament. They all had a blast. Derek caught 4 fish and Jack caught 3. Derek won the 2nd prize for his age bracket and won a filled tackle box and a fishing pole. Jack won the first fish caught and the biggest fish caught and received a $50 Academy Gift card and a $25 Red Robin Gift card respectively. I would say it was a productive morning ; ) Best part of all they got to hang out and do some fishing which they both enjoy.

June 03, 2010

Summertime Fun in the Rain

Well the kiddo's have been out of school for a week now and we have been having a great time. Our days have been full of adventure as our A/C broke over the Memorial Day Weekend and we have been waiting patiently (I use that word loosely) for a new compressor to be ordered and delivered to be installed. We have spent a bit of time at home, a bit of time at the library and the mall, watching movies at a friends house and sleeping at Rob's mom's house at night. Thankfully all was fixed today, although it turned out to NOT be the compressor in the end. Our house is starting to cool off and we can pull the lipstick out of the fridge.

Yesterday a West Texas storm rolled in, the big black sky looked quite ominous in the distance and when the storm rolled over us we were happy to see the rain. The kids put their suits on, or sweatpants in Derek's case, and headed to the backyard. This rain was not your sweet gentle rain, it was full of drops that stung your skin as they were being flung from the sky with such force, and at times even had pea sized hail mixed in. I grabbed a couple of pics of the kids as they ran around in the cold, hard rain, if there was audio to go along with this you would hear them yelping here and there because the rain was pelting them so hard. But they had fun anyway.

Derek appears to be defending our backyard from the enemy rainstorm which he didn't allow in with his expert shooting ability ; )