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7am Tuesday Morning

Sunday Evening

Tammy says Friday afternoon -

Tammy says on Thursday Night -

It's Party Time!

Date of Departure

Tuesday Afternoon from Tammy-

Monday Evening

Did you order a bracelet?

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Thursday from Jack

Thursday from Tammy


Wednesday Afternoon

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Tammy says -

Jack Speaks!

Jack's Current Contact Info

Thursday afternoon. . .

From Rob. . .

Rob reports. . .

Monday Morning from Tammy

Monday Morning from Rob

Not much more. . .


Friday from Tammy

Technology's Great -- when it works

Thursday evening

Thursday A.M. from Tammy

Tomorrow, tomorrow

Wednesday morning from Tammy -

Tuesday evening (from Rob)

Tuesday afternoon (from Tammy)

Tuesday a.m.

From Tammy

Room 414, We're Outta here!!

Allow me to clarify. . .