January 11, 2011

1 Week and counting till school starts.

Tuesday night. The new semester starts one week from today. Excited to see what this next semester will look like for me WITHOUT Greek being a part of it. I look forward to a bit more balance in the second half of my school year versus the first. My classes this semester are: English 112- Composition and Rhetoric, Developmental Psychology, Intro to Statistics, Family Studies, and then a class that will go along with the McNair Scholars Program that I am excited to be a part of that will teach about doing Graduate Research which I will follow up with a Graduate Level Research paper that will be due in the middle of Summer Vacation. It will be a fun semester ahead and I will be glad when the day arrives to start, however, I am thoroughly enjoying my time off as a true gift. It has been delightful to cook and clean and not feel rushed. I can scrub my sink and make it shiny and not have studying looming over me. I have appreciated my time off and and am SO grateful for each day.

In the midst of time off we (actually I, then I drug my husband into it) decided our house needed painting on the inside so bad it was time to buckle down and get it done. We are over half way done and it looks so fresh and clean. No more toddler smudges that wouldn't wash off on the walls anymore. David Conner textured some walls in our house that were wallpaper over the bare wall, which has needed to be done since we moved into our house almost 11 years ago. With new texture came new paint, and you can't have two pretty painted walls and the rest of your walls feeling old and smudgy. So painting was a must. If you are in Abilene and need work done on your home David Conner is amazing and meticulous and did I already say amazing! Thanks David!

Jack's eyes are all healed up. We go see Dr. Moody Friday afternoon to have his follow up appointment. I am expecting a good report, it seems as though his eyes are tracking together very well.

Not much else going on around here, but I am mindful and praying for all those in Queensland, Australia who are in the midst of devastating flooding. My mom's family is from Queensland and most of them reside around Brisbane so I am praying for safety for each of them. Rain is good, I know my aunt said they might have prayed a little hard last Christmas for rain as they were in a drought, now they have more rain than they can handle. Love to all you Aussies!