March 29, 2008

Are you going dark tonight?

Last night Rob and I had a great time. We went to the Lamplighter hotel for our Thai food only to discover that the restaurant is now closed....; (((. But just down the street was the newly relocated Ann's Thai Food and the food was extraordinary. We have eaten at Ann's before or had take away, but the last couple times we ate there it wasn't as good as it had been in the past. Behold they have a beautiful little dining area and the best Thai I have ever eaten along with the most yummy Thai tea that kept me awake half the night, but it was so very yummy it was ALMOST worth it.
Then we saw The Other Boelyn Girl which was a great history lesson. World history is not my strong point, but I love to learn about it as it is so fascinating. For those of you who don't know, which you probably do, Ann Boelyn is Queen Elizabeth's mother who is beheaded after she reaks havoc with England and the Catholic Church. England would have looked very different today had it not been for Ann.
Is anybody going dark tonight at 8pm (local time)?

March 28, 2008

yada yada

Friday late afternoon. Rob is getting ready and we are going to go get some Thai food at the local Lamplighter Motel or whatever it is called. It is most yummy. Then we are off to see the Other Boleyn Girl. The kids just headed to Mommer;s and the house is quiet.
This week has been busy, ofcourse. Everyone is busy. My computer screen went dark on Wednesday. Since the cracked screen it has worked all be it with a bunch of black gunk all in the middle of it from the left to the right, which makes editing pictures a bit tricky, but it was working none the less. But Wednesday it quit working, bummer.
Glad to say that once I tried to start it up today to go with a new monitor I bought to use instead of the screen on my computer the screen came back on for a couple of hours, then went dark again. But I got alot done in those couple of hours.
Jack is the poster boy for the Relay for Life Walk that is coming up, not the everyone's poster boy, but his school has assembled a team of teachers who will walk through the night to raise money to help find a cure for cancer, so he puts a face on it for his particular school. The newspaper came out and interviewed him and some teachers today along with a friend or two. As we don't get the paper, be sure and tell me if you see anything in it about Jack and the Relay for Life. We are not newspaper readers, but many of my friends don't miss a day's reading - so keep your eyes open.
Well I am sure there is more to write as I have been away from the computer waiting for the new display to come in, but Rob is almost ready and I am ready for some Thai food.
Be blessed.

March 26, 2008

Serious Drama...

I saw this on Ragamuffin Soul's blog. Made me laugh so hard I cried. I had to watch it a couple of times before I saw that the lady on the front left row was actually hit in the back of the head with some papers. Her reaction might be a bit overreactive, but she certainly gets props for some good drama. This is not how the Lord would have us work through our differences mind you, and I am not advocating this in any way....but it is hilarious.

March 24, 2008

A Two Thousand + Dollar Lesson

I heard back from American Airlines today.

March 24, 2008

Dear Mrs. Marcelain:

I'm sorry for what happened to your laptop during your trip on March
I know it was disappointing to discover that your belongings were

While we work very hard to avoid these mishaps, unfortunately, they do
occur. However, certain items are not covered under our Conditions of
Carriage. We
do not accept responsibility for computers and other electronic
equipment, computer
software, photographic, video and optical equipment, or any other
similar valuable
items. American assumes no responsibility or liability for such items,
regardless of
whether American knew or should have known of the presence of such
items in checked or
transferred baggage. If any such items are lost, damaged or delayed,
you will not be
entitled to any reimbursement under American's standard baggage
liability, or under
any declared excess valuation. Information about our baggage liability
policy is
displayed at all ticket counters. For additional details visit

Our position in no way suggests that we are insensitive to what
happened. Again, we
are genuinely sorry for the damage to your laptop. Please be assured
that we will
work harder than ever to restore your confidence in our ability to
provide good
service. We realize we must earn back your respect.


Customer Relations
American Airlines

Who was to blame for I am tooooooo!!! danged nice. I didn't want to cause a ruckus and was unaware that to get my bag from the walkway to the storage bin under the plane was about throwing it from one place to another. On my way back home I actually saw them throwing bags from the door down to the trolley, some made it, some missed. By this time I had stood my ground and my bag was in the storage compartment on the plane. I really thought valet checked baggage was placed carefully and carried like it was full of breakable stuff, not chucked from here to there. Live and learn, that's what life is about right?

So this is a reminder to all those people who are rule followers like me. Sometimes you just have to say, "that will not work for me, let's find another solution, and if they don't listen like my little flight attendant didn't listen, say it again, and again." Because it can be very expensive to not ruffle some feathers.

It certainly was a very nicely worded letter, maybe I should buy Simon some lunch for being so sorry and concerned about my broken laptop.

March 19, 2008

Lyndsey and Nathan

Wednesday morning. I am back in Abilene. Flew from Savannah to Dallas yesterday right before they shut down the airport in Dallas due to the bad weather. They hadn't officially shut things down until two so I had waited a couple of hours to see if the flight they rescheduled me on would take off or not. But about 2pm it was official, no more flights coming or going. So I headed to the car rental place and rented me a little car and headed into Dallas traffic in the rain. I made it safely back home last night at about 6:30pm. My luggage made it safely back (my checked luggage that is) early this morning. I say that my checked luggage made it back safely but not all my carry on did. I always keep my computer and camera equipment with me, but on the smaller planes they find it hard to accommodate everyones carry on's, so they ask that you valet check it at the end of the walkway right before you get on a plane. On the way to Dallas and Savannah they wouldn't let me carry it on, even though I know they have a compartment up front for such instances. I told them I had photo gear and laptop in my bag, but they had no mercy. So what did I find when I got to Savannah but my laptop screen cracked down the middle :(
But I am not even going to think about it, I have gone to the happy place in my mind, for it was the most wonderful trip, to a beautiful place with beautiful people. Click here to see the slideshow of the wedding day.

March 16, 2008

Paula Deen....

I flew into Savannah, Georgia yesterday to shoot a wedding tomorrow at the Palmetto Inn on the Bluff. The grounds are gorgeous and the cottages on the grounds are spectacular. I heard today that the cottages rent for $1600 per night. The wedding is tomorrow, Monday. Today was the rehearsal dinner and it was held at The Lady and Sons restaurant in downtown Savannah. Most of ya'll know that it is Paula Deen's restaurant. Plenty of Bhuttuh to be had. The food was very delicious, and the atmosphere so fun.

The Lady and Sons from the street.

Right next to the restaurant is Paula's Store.

Here is Paula's Business Card for the restaurant.

The food was served in a buffet. Here is the fried chicken.

Mashed Potatoes and Rice

Greens and Black Eyed Peas

Sweet Potatoes

Macaroni and Cheese

The BEST Sweat Tea ever. I think I drank 3 glasses of it.

Hoecakes and Cheese Biscuits - Hoecakes are like cornbreak but in a pancake style.

A plate of food with the barbecued pork rib on top.

Desserts, pictured are the Banana Pudding and Chocolate, Chocolate Gooey Cake, and they served Peach Cobbler also.

This is my friend Vanessa's mom and dad. This picture is for her. They are standing in front of the chapel where the wedding will take place tomorrow. Vanessa your dad for sure knows the speed limit now in South Carolina thanks to a very kind officer. Your grandma kept wanting me to take a picture of him while he was at the side of the car. I told her I didn't want to mess with the law.

March 14, 2008

Studio de Marcelain Photography

Friday night. Rob and I ate at the new Spano's tonight it was super-de-duper. Now I am charging batteries, and packing my suitcases for my trip to a wedding in the South. I had my grand opening last night and it was fabulous, many good friends came by and supported my new efforts of studioship. Good friends. Here are a couple of pics of my space. The first room is done, pictures on the wall, beautiful table, perfect, and thanks to Debbie with Pure Photography for the lovely green plant in the middle of the table. The back room is where I will work on my computer and keep all my office stuff. That room is not quite decorated. The throw on the chair was an office warming gift from my friend Jana. Not pictured is the lovely tulips from my friend Denise and her family. Enjoy these pics.

March 13, 2008

Artwalk and Coca Cola Cake

Thursday morning. Tonight is the grand opening of my studio in downtown Abilene, starts at 5:30 pm. You will be able to find me in the Cockerell Galleries, 1133 N. 2nd St. Upstairs Suite #203. ACU has a student art show in the same building but it is downstairs, and there are many other talented artists of all kinds on my floor level in the building. The place was hustling and bustling with all the artists getting their galleries ready to have all the Artwalk participants wandering through their spaces and looking at their work. Many artists in the galleries sell quite a few pieces during Artwalk. I love everything I have seen.

While you are downtown another fun place to stop by is McKay's Bakery. That is of course where my husband works. I tried a new cake last week that they are selling. It is called a Coka Cola Cake. It reminded me of a smaller version of a Texas Sheet Cake. The first time I had a piece of a Texas Sheet Cake was many years ago and made by the most wonderful Glenda H. who is most excellent in all that she does. But if you don't want to make your own go to McKay's and buy this yummy moist chocolate cake. It has that same frosting that goes on a Texas Sheet Cake too, with bits of pecans in it. Did I say it was yummy? The best part is that it comes in a 9x9 square pan, so it is the perfect dessert size for 6 or so people, not so big that it hangs out on your hips forever.

March 11, 2008

Lauren and Jeffrey's Slideshow

Tuesday morning. I LOVED working in my new office yesterday. The walls are bare and nothing is in order, but it was still perfect. I got so much done, and stayed focus! Just what I needed.

I just put up a slideshow on my photog blog of Lauren (Oglesby) Edwards wedding, along with her bridal slideshow on the same post. Many of those in town who read this blog are good friends with the O's and I know you will want to see both slideshows.

Click here to see the wedding slideshow.

Click here to see Lauren's bridal slideshow.

Both are totally fun.

March 10, 2008


Good Monday morning. Rained and hailed alot last night. I will be heading out to my car in about 15 minutes and check for any hail damage, I don't think the hail was large enough in size to leave any marks.
Daylight savings time started (or ended) yesterday. This is the hard one, everyone is walking around my house trying to get ready for school and they are still half asleep.
I had a very busy weekend shooting, 2 sittings and a wedding. Which makes me very excited to go up to my new office and work every day this week to get my work done. I am also preparing to have my gallery space open for artwalk on Thursday night in downtown Abilene. So if anyone is walking around for artwalk please head up to the 2nd floor of the Cockerell Building on N. 2nd and come say hi!
If you have never been to artwalk before it is the perfect time to come the weather is supposed to be in the low 70's. Everything is free, all the downtown museums, even the Grace. There are people everywhere, it looks like a street fair.
This month I will have just barely had time to hang my images, so it is like a preview of a Grand Opening, next month I am planning a Grand Opening. Be ready for me to snap your picture for a fun slideshow of all my guests (I hope there are atleast 2 to make a slideshow!)
Jack is doing great. He has some sore legs from playing hard this weekend, his sweet little body is still getting used to moving around like a 9 year old boy again. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. Each day I pray Huge thanks to God for the healing that has taken place and tell God that I am anxiously awaiting the completion of Jack's healing in his facial paralysis. Praise be to God that we can just keep on asking, and he keeps on listening, and in His timing His will be done.


Tonight I am meeting up with some other local pro photogs in town. We are having the first gathering of its sort. I am so excited to meet this group of people and make some new friendships. Everyone is welcome, so if you are a professional photographer and would like to come, we are meeting at Spaghetti Warehouse in the Godfather room at 7pm.

March 04, 2008

Sunshine on Tuesday

Tuesday morning. I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments from the previous post. Life is good in the Marcelain house. The kids have the TAKS test tomorow at school, I will be happy to be done with TAKS homework.
Today is voting day in town. Abilene has had Bill Clinton, Ashley Judd, Mike Hukabee and Chuck Norris in town in the last 2 days. You would have thought we were a big city.
All the candidates and their supporters look dog tired. I didn't go to any of the events but watched them on television. I will be interested to see how it all turns out tonight.
Nothing major here to say, but did anyone else see Jay Leno last night and the opening sequence of Obama, Japan with Hillary as a ginormous fire breathing dragon 3 times the size of the tallest buildings. It certainly made me laugh. If Hillary goes away soon from the election (and I am not saying that she will), the joke writers and SNL will be having to work double time to come up with skits to fill in for all there Hillary rhetoric.