June 21, 2005

Summer Is Going Great

Updates on Jack
Jack is enjoying summer, we are keeping busy with therapies and going to the Abilene Swim Club.
Jack likes his therapies alot, and is enjoying both of his therapists. Last week he did water therapy for his occupational therapy and he thought that was great fun. I like how they switch it up alot so he never gets bored.
Jack loves to be at the pool. He has enjoyed swimming around and playing with other kids. The limitations that he has been given by Dr. Price are: no fast slides into the water, no diving and no diving boards. But Jack has come up with a version of going down the slide that I am sure would be Dr. Price approved. There is a new twirly big blue slide that goes into the water. And Jack has figured out that he can hold onto the sides and inch his way down to where I can get a hold of his hands and then continue winding him down slowly to the edge of the slide where he hops of and lands into the water. He is just as happy to slide that way as the normal way, I am glad he can do the slide.
We are waiting to hear from Jack's optomotrist, Dr. Wadley to find out a plan for Jack's eye's. Patch, no patch.....I would imagine we will hear from him soon.
I will update again next week, unless something comes up sooner. Thanks for your continued prayers.

June 14, 2005

Updates on Jack

Updates on Jack
Therapy Went Great!
Jack had his first official day of therapy yesterday at West Texas Rehab. He loved it, and can't wait to go back tomorrow. He got to do alot of fun stuff, climbing ropes, walking through a ball pit, obstacle courses. He enjoyed it alot, and I loved that they didn't want me to participate, so I could sit out in the waiting area with my other 2 kids and play go fish for an hour. That time I spend with DJ and Sophie will be alot of fun. One uninterrupted hour of hanging out twice a week.
Rob and I and the kids said thanks to our church family on Sunday, I cried (ofcourse), but I think the whole church cried with me and Rob. It was a blessing to be able to stand up front and listen to Rob pour our his heart full of gratefullness and thankfullness. DJ wanted to say something also, I thought it was probably not the right time, come to find out he was going to have people line up if they wanted to see Jack's scar! He cracks me up. We will go back to Dallas July 20 for Jack's next MRI, seems like far away, but it will be here before we know it. God bless ya'll.

June 10, 2005

Updates on Jack

Updates on Jack

Friday Update on Jack

Jack has had a great week, we have gone to the swim club every day. He is enjoying playing with his friend Zeth who also goes to the swim club.
I spoke with Sabine, Sahan's mother, this week to get an update on Sahan, and she said that Sahan's legs are moving a bit more. I know that Sahan's family would still love for you to pray for Sahan, and I know alot of people are because of all the inquiries about him at church.
Sabine also said the child that took Jack's place was an 18 month old baby who had been in a fire and was burned from top to bottom....no visitors have come to see the baby so they wonder about the status of the babies family, because of the hippa laws all you can do is wonder, because the staff is not able to fill in any details with the family.
God bless you all, and may His Holy Touch bless Sahan and the new baby in Sahan's room.

June 05, 2005

Weekend Update

Jack, DJ and Sophie are spending the night with Elaine and Tom tonight, they were excited to get back into the routine of spending the night at grandparents house one night a week. We have also enjoyed going to the pool a couple of times since we came back, Jack is restricted from diving boards and fast slides, but is enjoying the water nonetheless.
I don't think I mentioned in my previous post that when we saw Dr. Price on Thursday that she showed us the cat scan, and that the tumor was close to the size of a baseball. 5cmx6cm. His little brain has alot of moving around to do to get back into its rightful position. I am grateful for Jack's recovery even more after hearing that.
Rob and I also noticed while in the dr.s waiting room that their was a dedication plaque to the neurosurgery team at Children's for the successful separation of the iranian twins that were joined. There was a cute picture of the boys with them sitting on a couch with soft helmets on to protect their heads. We were sent to a great team of doctors, who have been greatly gifted by God. We will be going to church in the morning and I am so happy to be back with our church family!!!

6/4/2005 10:42 PM

June 03, 2005

Report from Follow-Up

The follow up visit went well with Dr. Price. She was pleased with the results of Jack's latest cat scan. We will head back to Dallas in 2 weeks for Jack's next mri. Jack is going to start his therapies on Monday and see the eye doc also. We have a busy week ahead of us. Thanks for your prayers.

6/3/2005 9:07 AM

June 02, 2005

Thursday Morning -

We are back to Dallas today for a follow up visit with Jack's Neurosurgeon, Dr. Price. We are going for a day trip, and will be back tonight. I will let you know how the appointment went. Jack is having a blast at home. Yesterday was a very full day for him, he played with some friends, ate lunch out, went to the pool and waded around for an hour, then we had a nice family night last night. I am sure he slept hard.

6/2/2005 7:02 AM