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Halloween Eve

Refresh...Cardboard Testimonies

Christmas - Big or Small or Smaller

Spiritual Directors and a Flailing Mongoose

I promise I am not an end of times doom type personality, but by golly let's be prepared.

Me In Front of the Camera??!! Almost Never!

What are you cooking when it turns cool?

Cardboard Testimony

The answer to that is above his pay grade....

Mac Vs. PC Commercials

Are you Apaphatic or Kataphatic?


A Couple More Zoo Shots

Saturday in Review

Christ be with me.

Jesus Takes My Breath Away

Hospitality and a Giggle

I want to be an ordinary radical mom and wife.

Irresistible Revolution

My Call of Late. (My call was on time I was the late one)

Christmas Music and Beth Moore

Back Home.

Dallas Seminar/ Mother Teresa

No Fear, Holding on to God.

Sacrifice, Bible Study Rock's, Moo

Sunday Morning

Let's pray for Anonymous.

6 Things About Me.

Family Camera

Great Class.