October 17, 2013

Jesus is more than enough.

I have been waiting for words to come that need to be written down; written down so I can think through what God is doing in my heart and others. Phrases have been swirling in my head since last night.

God's word and love and truth is breath to me. I know what it means in my heart to believe. In the words of Peter to Jesus in the Gospel of John when Jesus asks Peter if he and the other disciples are going to leave along with the others because his teaching is hard, Peter responds to Jesus...we have no where else to go. That is how I feel about Christ and the Father. I know what I believe, I know what I feel, I know what it is to be lost and then to be found. I know how dark darkness is, to be separated from God. There is no where else for me now than to be with God.

But sometimes when I am using inadequate words to share Jesus and His immeasurable love and gifts to those who believe I feel like I don't know if I am even worthy to share the weight of His message. I know that God just calls me to show up and be willing, "be it to me as You will," "your servant is listening," and He does the rest. But, this inadequate vessel has been shocked into tears a couple of times lately by God's power and I just want to fall on the floor with my face to the ground, really it is all I can do, that can be my only response.

Recently, I was in a class where the peace of Christ was discussed. In this class their was someone, who in the world's eyes might have no peace due to her situation, but with Christ, she has peace. As I was posing the question, "do you think you can find peace through Jesus?" The weight of those words fell on me like bricks. The questions railed over me as I was waiting for her to think through her answer,..."is Jesus enough? are these words I am saying real? This road is so difficult for her, do I really believe that Jesus can bring peace?" The answers are yes, but sometimes I feel like I can just be non-challant when sharing Jesus, but when speaking to someone who so desperately needs Him and knows it, it seemed as though we were transported to holy ground. Will this young woman and so many like her, including myself, be changed and have hope and peace that passes all understanding? Her answer was yes, she did believe that Jesus was enough.

Jesus is more than enough. {face down on the ground}.