December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Marcelain's

I left the images a bit larger than normal so you can click on the image to see it larger if you wish. Merry Christmas!!

December 19, 2011

Christmas Party Recipe's

Below is a collection of some amazingly delicious recipes of Tapas/Appetizers/Desserts that were served at a fun Class Christmas Party. The list is not complete, I will continue to add to this post as people email me their recipes. Enjoy the recipes.

Coconut Bon Bons

1 package coconut
1 can eagle brand milk
2 bags of semi sweet chocolate bits
1 cup chopped pecans
1/4 bar of parrafin.

Mix together coconut, eagle brand milk and pecans. Put in fridge for at least 3 hours. Rolls mixture into small bite size pieces. Melt chocolate chips with the parrafin. (Parrafin helps the candy get a hard crunch on the outside instead of being gooey) (It also makes them shiny-and it doesn't hurt you-I promise!)

Dip coconut balls into chocolate mixture and place on waxed papered cookie sheet. Set in fridge for about 30 minutes. I keep mine in the fridge after making them.

Raspberry Chipolte Cream Cheese

Two packages of cream cheese
1 bottle of Raspberry Chipolte Sauce (I find it near the barbeque sauces) Pour over cream cheese and serve with a variety of crackers.

The Jalapeno Chicken Crescent Pinwheels came from this site:
Click here for the Pinwheels

Chili Sauce Meatballs
Frozen Meatballs, I like Sam's Club
2 jars of Chili Sauce, You can find it by the ketchup
16 oz jar of grape jelly

Crockpot Method:
Place frozen meatballs in crockpot. Pour chili sauce and grape jelly on top. Cover and cook on low for 6 hours. I cooked on high for 90 minutes then turned the temp. down to low for 3 hours or so. The meatballs are already cooked when you buy them from Sam's so they just need to defrost and cook with the sauce.

Mini Caramel Tarts

Mini-Phillo Tart Shells, available by the frozen pie crusts in the freezer section. These are already cooked. Just remove from the freezer when ready to use.

1 can Eagle Brand Condensed Milk

Whipping Cream

Remove label but do not open Eagle Brand. Fill are large saucepan with water. Lay the Eagle Brand can on it's side in the water. Boil for 4 hours, continuing to add water, I normally boil on just above medium heat. Roll the can to different sides 3 or 4 times while boiling to keep one side from scalding. YOU MUST KEEP YOUR SAUCEPAN FILLED WITH ATLEAST ONE INCH OF WATER OVER THE TOP OF THE CAN OR THE CAN WILL EXPLODE. Eagle Brand does not recommend this method of cooking Eagle Brand, but my mom cooked it this way growing up and I have cooked with this method many times, and have had no explosions. But I always make sure the saucepan is filled adequately with water.

Remove can and let cool on your kitchen counter for about two hours. Open lid and spoon caramel into Phillo tartlet shells. When ready to serve dab some whipped cream on top.

December 16, 2011

He is like a winter snow,...soft, quiet and slow.

Today, I can take a deep breath. My finals for the semester are done and I don't need to study for an exam for atleast a month. Praising God for some respit.

What I have waited all week to do for lack of time, is to process my thoughts about my silent retreat last weekend. As I have mentioned here before, I am enrolled in a program through Lipscomb called Growing Deeper Spiritually. It is a lay program, not an academic program. One of the assignments before our last residency in January was to participate in a 48 hour silent retreat. I struggled to find a place to leave town for 48 hours between school, photography, and family. God presented me one weekend once I got close enough to see that I could get away, so 2 weeks ago I reserved my weekend with the Cenacle Sisters in Houston. It was a beautiful facility and came highly recommended.

I have to admit that I came with some expectations of hearing God in the peace. My world has been busy and noisy this semester. I believe that there are seasons that life is busy. I also know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and even though God doesn't want me (I am not going to include anyone else in this statement, apply yourself if you want, though), to live my live without margins, He also doesn't want me to idolize the peace over Him, even in the busyness. It has been a struggle, but I have found Him in each day, within purposeful breaths, in His Word, through my prayers. I was reminded in my latest reading, The Good and Beautiful God, the words of Dallas Willard, "Ruthlessly Eliminate Hurry," however, Smith, the author, talked about busyness and hurriedness as two different things. I appreciated the reminder, and was also reminded that there are places of quietness and silence I can find in each day, even if it is busy. Anyway, I think my task this semester was to not let hurry take over, and to have a heart open to God in all circumstances, it was difficult, but God's mercy and grace showed up and found me, I just needed to surrender.

So this past weekend it was me and God in the quiet, in the beauty. After arrival, instructions and a tour of the facility by one of the Sisters I was silent. I was asked if I wanted to visit with a Sister for Spiritual Direction while I was there, and I did. During our first meeting she gave me some scriptures to ponder and read several times after asking me questions about what I had expected while I was there, which was nothing, but being with God.
One of the scriptures came from John 1.

35 The next day John again was standing with two of his disciples, 36and as he watched Jesus walk by, he exclaimed, ‘Look, here is the Lamb of God!’ 37The two disciples heard him say this, and they followed Jesus. 38When Jesus turned and saw them following, he said to them, ‘What are you looking for?’ They said to him, ‘Rabbi’ (which translated means Teacher), ‘where are you staying?’ 39He said to them, ‘Come and see.’ They came and saw where he was staying, and they remained with him that day. It was about four o’clock in the afternoon. 40One of the two who heard John speak and followed him was Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother. 41He first found his brother Simon and said to him, ‘We have found the Messiah’ (which is translated Anointed*).

So like the disciples, I just spent time with Jesus.

It seems the older I get I realize that it is the out of doors speaks to me immensely of God's love and provision for His beloved. The words I heard and the love that I received this weekend were greatly through God's creation. I did feel lonely at times. Sometimes being alone in a crowd is more lonely than being completely alone. I told Rob it was the best of times and the worst of times. There were events that were happening this weekend that I sacrificed to be with God in silence.

Best of times: Sat. a.m. 11:30
"I have felt your presence in all. My long dawdling walks on the path full of bridges and grand foliage filled my morning. Oh, to have a walk with You each day that has such beauty to see. I am thankful for this Cenacle of beauty. In everything I see Your fingerprints."

Worst of times: Sun. p.m. 6:40
"Father, it is even more quiet and dare I say lonely on this Sunday night. You are with me, I know, but the house has cleared of most of those on retreat. As far as I can tell it is I and one more...My day was full of silence and peace mixed with restlessness to be home and with my family. YOU oh, Lord, are the only call I would answer to take leave at such a time of year. It is my duty to fulfill my silence for ICS, however, it was even more my desire to be led by You in 2 days of me at your beck and call. I am here Lord."

There was an art corner that I spent time doodling and painting. There was a book in the art corner that was like an open journal, I spent time reading thoughts that others left behind about their experiences, their healing hearts, their gratefulness, along with their drawings and paintings.

I told a friend today that asked me about the silence that it seems that there are no great loud revelations for me in the times of silence. However, I do feel loved, and I feel like God is present. For me, it is the time after the retreat ends that I feel a stronger resolve of love and devotion to God. It is in the residual of what is left over that I find where God has left His mark on my heart from our devoted time together. The fire inside of me burns more steadily for God as it has been tended to with great care and a dedicated seeking heart, without distraction.

Of course I took pictures of the blessings of God within my weekend. Pretty things. The first couple of pictures is where I did my morning Bible study. In a remote part of the Cenacle overlooking a ravene. The other images come from my walks around the grounds, and on the walking path that is right behind their property. You will see a hidden gate that one can go through to enter the public walking park, where you will see the bridges and large fields. It was a beautiful time of year, still color to be seen in the leaves. There are 2 pictures of the dorm style room, and then the slideshow finishes with the Stations of Light. Many are familiar with the Stations of the Cross, leading up to Christ's death. In the 1990's it was discovered that early Christians also prayed through the Stations of Light, the events that take place between the Resurrection and when Jesus goes back to Heaven, the 40 days. You will see my hand in one of the pictures. The moment that Christ reveals Himself to Mary Magdalene. My favorite story in the Bible.

There is a song that I listened to over and over on my way to the Cenacle and on my way home. The words fit my time with God perfectly. He is like a winter snow, quiet, soft and slow. May the words in this song and the places where my feet stepped and my eyes gazed bring a blessing and a reminder that God loves you and I. He is in the silence.

Click here for the slideshow
The music is by Audrey Assad, the song is on Chris Tomlin's Christmas Album.

December 02, 2011

Hello, It's December....Is that me running by?

The blur of life...enjoying each and every moment along the way.
I see the last time I have posted was in October, now it is December. We have been busy, but most of all my brain has been full of books and studying for school. One more week and my semester will be over, less finals week. I can feel some space opening up for writing and creativity.

So much I want to write, so I am going to do a twitter version of events.

November was a lot of fun. Had a great time spending Thanksgiving with family in town. Have also loved the recipes and creativeness of Pinterest, made several holiday recipes from my Pinterest boards. Love Pinterest, if you are a fan of recipes, crafts, art, fashion, words, architecture, pictures of faraway places...then you would probably like

My brother, Rob and his family, along with my brother, Will and his fiance, came to visit over Thanksgiving. It was SO fun. Rob rented an RV and they drove down here together. It was a long trip for them, made a little easier because they all had space to hang out, while my brother Rob drove their house for the holidays.
We had fun with the idea of the RV being their house. Like...let me just run home and change, or I left my hat at home can you bring it when you come to meet us, I want to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and watch the game...but I want to go home and go to sleep...with an RV, both are possible at the same time. We had a blast.

School...have loved all my classes, all have been challenging and have learned a lot. My Art class has been my most fun, I just can't get enough of looking at all the old Masters and hearing stories of their personalities, quirks, devotions...really a wonderful class.

Growing Deeper Spiritually - I am finishing up my program here in about 6 weeks by visiting Nashville again for our last residency. One of the requirements is to undertake a 48 hour silent retreat. I had such a difficult time scheduling this retreat. Not a lot of flexibility in my schedule for many reasons. But, my finals schedule was heavy on the last part of the week, so I made the commitment to participate in the silent retreat next weekend. I am going to go to the Cenacle House outside of Houston. It sounds marvelous and comes highly recommended. I can't wait, I know it will be wonderful. However, to know that I will be in silence with the only dialogue, for the most part, happening between me and God is also a bit intimidating. I would appreciate any prayers lifted on my behalf for a safe journey and for God's work to be done in me. I will have spiritual direction and guidance through my silence by one of the Sisters there who is a Spiritual Director. I am prayerful for a blessed weekend. As my leaders in this program say, don't go into something like this with high expectations to hear God speak or bring you a word, just be glad to have the time in God's presence. God will do what God will do, I am just glad that in this time of Advent that I will be wholly with Him for 48 hours. Thanks be to God.

OK, a bit more than a twitter feed....God's great blessings to YOU this season of gratefuleness as we remember the greatest gift, a Babe born in a manger.

October 10, 2011

All is Gift.

Monday night. Today found my alarm clock ringing at 5am. I needed to be up at the hospital at 7am to photograph some special family portraits today. I got up and got ready with prayer in my heart for the family I would photograph, then I spent some dedicated time in prayer. Praying for God's presence and grace to be easily seen and felt throughout the day. My friends would be delivering a baby that would be in the arms of Jesus within a short time of birth. They had a precious hour with him before he would fall asleep in the Lord.

I did not know what today would bring. I certainly knew that it would be difficult and that there would be tears and knowing this family I also assumed there would be some smiles, too. The story of the day is theirs to tell, but what I feel led to share is what I saw in the faces and actions while under pressure and unimaginable sadness. I saw a mom and dad in tune with each other while both suffering. Each allowing the other the grace to journey through the day. Neither more than a glance away from the other. I saw family with soft kind words for each other being generous with time spent with baby C. I saw a family being comfortable with each other just being together in the midst of grieving and celebration both.

I saw big sisters staring into their baby brother's face as though he was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. He was a beautiful baby, but the look on the sisters who are both preschool aged was of being mesmerized by their little brother, they were proud and thrilled to be able to hold him.

Grandmothers working together to get some special footprints of baby, then dressing him, and loving on him together. Their generous hearts to each other spoke of what humble and kind women they are.

Grandpa's close by and supporting their wives and children. Arm's around a shoulder, just being present in the midst of tears. Their strength and character apparent.

As a mom it was difficult for me to take my eyes off of the mom. The way she held her baby on her chest as they were wheeled in from the Labor and Delivery room. The grace that she exhibited through this difficult day for the lack of better words, blew my mind. She had so much love for all those around her, for her little girls who leaned a little too hard on her c-sectioned tummy, never even a whimper but a kind readjusting of her child with a gentle smile on her face the whole time. Her face, to me, looked as though she had been with the Lord. I am sure she was, He was faithful to her and her husband and all the family. He was faithful.

I know this family must have questions and complaints for the Lord, but it was apparent that they belong to God. He is their strength when they are weary. He was the lifter of their heads today, and they submitted to His sovereignty with such gentleness of spirit. The words of Mary are never far from my mind, "May it be to me as You will." And that was the heart of this beloved family today.

My camera has afforded me moments of grace that I will never forget. Taking pictures of terminal children suffering with cancer, the quiet moment of prayer between a bride and groom, a newborn's fingers and toes. I am thankful to watch through my lens and be able to record moments that can not ever be regained. In a picture we can remember. I thank God for this sacred gift of presence in these situations He has given me.

All is gift.

September 29, 2011

Your Command Is Garbled

Prayer by Walter Brueggemann

We imagine you coming into the barracks with your insistent demand.
We imagine you addressing
the sun to "move out,"
the sky --"let there be light,"
the sea--"stand back."

We imagine you addressing Israel, "be my people,"
and the church "follow me."

We even imagine you addressing us, each of us and all of us
with the order of the day.
We imagine...but the din of other commands,
of old loyalties and unfinished business
and tired dreams
cause us not to hear well, not to listen, not to notice,
and your command is garbled.

So come again with your mandate, with the clarity of your imperative.
We listen, because we know in deep ways that your yoke is easy
and your burden is light.
Come among us, because we are yours, and ours is a listening mood.
Give us ears and then hands and hearts and feet for your good news.

(From Awed to Heaven, Rooted to Earth: Prayers of Walter Brueggemann)

This was the prayer I read this morning in my quiet time. I loved it and thought I would share.

September 28, 2011

Be the love.

I have been thinking about 14 year old Jamey Rodemeyer since I heard his story as told by his parents and the Today Show. I am not sure how to properly express what is inside me about this. Bullying is wrong. Hateful words are never right.

My thoughts then lead me to how many "Christians" I have heard say hateful things about those that struggle with SSA (same sex attraction). Not only have I heard people say it, but they aren't even embarrassed, or ashamed of such cruel words pelting out of their mouths.

I think about how the Pharisee's, those that practiced religion to the law (or at least they led all their followers to believe they did), those that professed to be the best and have all the answers, were the one's that Christ had a problem with. The Pharisee's looked down on Jesus for hanging out with the "wrong" crowd. The prostitutes, the tax collectors, the women whose reputation were in serious question. He hung out with the people who needed him most. The one's who thought they had it all together, had no use for this Jesus who shared meals with the wrong crowd.

They were wrong, they were bullies. Jesus told them in scripture, Matthew 7, 21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!"

The Pharisee's had no heart, their noses were stuck in the air, they found themselves better than the man on the street.

That is not Jesus' way. He humbles himself to serve man, He washes the feet of His friends, He stands up for a woman who is embarrassing herself to honor Him. He even says of this woman who is being looked on with disdain from the high noses around her, that, whenever the gospel was preached her story would be told.

I want Jesus' way. I want to be a lost soul that was redeemed that oozes the love of Christ, not a lost soul turned Pharisee.

As a Christian it is my desire to be formed daily more into the image of Christ. There is no desire in my heart that trumps that. The Apostle Paul prays this for those he is teaching. I wont ever be fully formed, but each day I can strive to be more like Christ. Each day I pray those words. Father God, help me be more like Christ, in word, deed, heart, wisdom and compassion. When I strive it is not of my own ability to be transformed, striving for me has now become prayer, reflection, meditation. Striving has been being committed to time with God alone for Him to do His miraculous work within me. I make myself available, He does the supernatural.

I have been the woman of questionable character that Jesus cleansed, then I became a Pharisee, that Jesus broke, now all I want is Him. That old hymn just came to mind. "Oh to be like Thee". I want to be someone who is not afraid to stand up for the oppressed, to love the unlovable, to have kind words drip from my lips not harsh and cruel.

The fruit of the Spirit is how we will know if we belong to Christ, it is how others will know they are loved by Christ through us. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness and Self-Control. Each day these words are my guide to where I am inside. Each day I am convicted of where I failed, but that is where I will pray into more and more, until my flesh nature gives way to the Giver of Life, the Giver of Love.

I didn't know Jamey. If I did and I knew he was being bullied, I would have put my hand in his and blessed him. I would have told him he was loved. I would have told him that with Christ by your side no evil can win against him. And I would have showed up. I know his parents didn't know this was happening, he had been strong for them. So what that means to me is that there might be someone who is around me that hasn't told their parents that they are really hurting, they are drowning in fear and despair. It is my job to be open to where God leads me to serve these precious souls in my path.

And now I can hear through the internet that some might read these words above and wonder when I would tell them that living a homosexual lifestyle is wrong. I can love him, but when do I tell him he needs to get his act together. I would say to you that those who struggle with SSA already know those passages; scripture and verse. They have probably heard it from at least a hundred other do gooders in their life, they already know that to be in a typical church that if they were to just "change" they would be welcomed.

Christ's love was not conditional.
Why would someone want to be like a Christian when all they do is go around putting rules on other people, holding signs to tell the world what is wrong with them, finding fault among each other and those around them.

The cool thing about Jesus is that He is the one that does the convicting and the changing. We get the awesome job of loving others. Just like Christ did with me when He became the Lord of my life, He will gently convict all of us with places we need to have his help in. Places where He can transform within us if we only will allow Him. Sometimes He leaves us with the thorn in the flesh, as He did with Paul, but that makes us no less loved. It just means that there is a message He needs to get out through us, or His timing is different than ours, in our weakness we show His strength.

Take it from me, when someone told me what I was doing wrong, I dug my feet in. When Christ called me a new direction it was a different story.

Being love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control to others does not water down the message of Christ. It makes it shine and draws others to Him.

May your day be filled with the fruit of the Spirit, inside and outside.

Stop Bullying!

I keep thinking about how Jamey Rodemeyer was bullied before and after his death, praying for his family, praying for all those currently being bullied and praying for the hearts of those who are the perpetrators to have soft hearts and compassion and to see that all have value. I loved the pin that his mom wore on the Today show. Thought I would make my own in Jamey's honor. May we be a people who bless with our words not curse.

September 19, 2011

Monday of Summit Week

Where to start. The last post was from our Boston and D.C. vacation. Pictures of our fun. This summer was a blast, but what it didn't do for me was give me any rest. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but it left me worn out at the start of school. This is not a good thing. I still don't feel like I have caught up. A huge part of that tiredness has come from my three kids all participating in school sports. This is a first for us. Up until this year we have been hyper-sensitive about down time for our kids and us too. We want down time. Our kids want down time. We love to eat dinner as a family and be together at night. I guess we still do, but what has changed is that we don't get to all be home and eat until about 7:30pm.

One of the places that God is working on me is to be present in each moment, and also to be a peaceful within. I do a pretty good job of this on my own, but once chaos ensues or busyness abounds, this becomes a bit more challenging. I believe that God is helping me to learn peace in chaos. I can't always control my surroundings, there are going to be times that are busy, and with God's transformations I can learn to have a peaceful spirit no matter the circumstances.

Spiritual disciplines have become integral for this transformation process to happen for me. It is in the quiet of the morning when my heart is devoted and focused on God that God's peace becomes tangible. Spiritual discipline's themselves have no power, but what they do is allow me to stop and listen, stop and pray, as scripture says, be still and know, most importantly it gives me time to stop and adore God. That is where I spend most of my time is in adoration of the Lord. I don't know how to explain this, I am assuming there are no words to explain fully, but to just waste time with God just reveling in His greatness is my most favorite part of my devotional time.

This thought brings me back to what Mother Teresa said to Henri Nouwen when he asked her for guidance on how to live for God, and she told him, "spend an hour every day in adoration of your Lord, and don't do anything you know is wrong." Mother Teresa had a great way of living simply and speaking simple words that were wrought with meaning.

I am grateful to God for this time.


Sports, yes, all three of my kids are in sports. They are all swimming. The boys with Abilene Christian Schools, and Sophie with Tidal Wave at the Y. The best part is that for the most part they practice together. We just attended their first meet this past weekend in Lubbock. Here are a couple of pics from this weekend. If you click on them to see a larger version the swimmer will be more apparent.

Derek swimming backstroke

Sophie swimming backstroke

Jack swimming freestyle

I am so grateful to this swimming program. All three of my kids are growing in strength, endurance and character through this process. I might be tired, trying to juggle some balls in the air to get everywhere they need to be, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Thanks be to God.

September 15, 2011

Ready to write.

Dear blog. I miss you. I want to sit down right now and put my thoughts together to write. It has been a rich season with God, a busy season with school, and amazing classes to reflect on. Maybe you and I can have some quiet time soon. Until then my dear friend, know you are missed.

August 23, 2011

More D.C.

The family wanted to go to the Spy Museum which was right across the street from the Portrait Gallery. I opted for the Portrait Gallery, I loved it, however, I did feel a bit left out when all the rest were talking about their secret undercover names and assignments that they attained while in the spy museum. Here are some images from the Portrait Gallery.

Thomas Jefferson

Rosa Parks

Eunice Kennedy Portrait with several special needs kids. I loved this painting. It was realistic looking, looked almost like a picture. The beautiful children and the little girl with her arms outstretched to the ocean. Eunice Kennedy ofcourse started the special olympics. She is in the background with her arms around the kids looking at them to see what they need and share a smile. I think about this painting a lot.

We experienced many wonderful places while in D.C. Many of which you have seen pics of before...all the Memorials, Jefferson, Lincoln, the FDR which is the newest and it is amazing. You must go see it if you are in DC, it's along the mall hidden in some tree's. We saw the Capital with a tour from R. Nauggebauer's office, Arlington Cemetary, Ben's Chilli Bowl, the Pentagaon. It was an amazing visit. The kids loved each and every moment. We were so grateful to Dave and Kristi for their hospitality. It was a trip our family will never forget, it was quite a magical and meaningful experience for us. Our first official family vacation was one we wont ever forget.

Thanks for travelling with us through memory lane.

Random D.C.

Harry Potter opened up while we were on our vacation. We went a couple of days after it opened with Dave and Kristi to the Imax 3D.

We decided to do another hop on hop off tour bus for the first couple of days in D.C. It was a great way to see the city. While we were in DC we stayed with Dave and Kristi, Kristi would generously drive us to the train station by their home in the mornings then we would take the train in and tour the city. We loved the Metro.

Here we are at the Holocaust Museum. Jack and Sophie are both lighting candles for those that died in the Holocaust. It was a sad museum, but good for the kids to see the history.

We went to the top of the Washington Monument.

These images are from the American Pop Culture Smithsonian.

Here are some pics from our visit to the National Cathedral.

Mount Vernon- the Original GW's digs.

We visited Mount Vernon with Dave, Kristi and their two sweet girls. David and Kristi were phenomenal hosts to us during our visit. We had the best time with them. Here are some pics of our Mount Vernon visit.

This tree dates back to when George Washington was alive. There are two on the property that were there when he was alive. He and Martha could stand on the back porch and look out to the Potomac river with this very tree framing their view.

This is George Washington's burial tomb. On the other side of the room is Martha's tomb which looks similar. George was originally buried in a brick tomb, but left instructions to have a space more fitting for he and Martha to be constructed before he died. He was moved from the original tomb to the current one within a year or two of his burial.

The slaves that worked for George Washington were freed as instructed in his will. The area following this sign as you will see in the pic below through the brick arch is the memorial area for all the slaves who were buried on the land. No markers. Just buried. I thought the light through the archway was so beautiful. It reminded me that we might not know the names of the people buried here, but God does.

This is the back of George and Martha Washington's residence. The front had ladders and drapes as they were restoring and touching up to preserve the site.

What's outside your window from Boston to DC?

I took about 500 pictures when on the train. There are probably many reasons for this: I am old and will forget most of what I see if I don't have a picture to remember it, taking pictures is part of who I am, I also loved the movement dynamic in many of these images. Many of the still looking shots we were going just as fast as some of the tilted or blurry images, but those images were a bit farther away which would have some physics explanation of which I am not qualified to attempt to answer. But I loved how many of the items close to me would look as though they were bending, and I love the blurry shots too. I was a crazy woman with my camera this day, but it sure passed time quickly. My favorite images are of the water, and especially the beach shot with all the beach goers and their umbrella's. Beautiful ocean side views.