February 25, 2011

Deja Vu today from a radio interview.

My only class was canceled today which is awesome as it is allowing me to get caught up on all things domestic and paperwork at home this morning.

I have my favorite morning TV show on in the background, The Today Show. The big story today is the latest Charlie S. interview and the canceling of the season of his show. My thoughts on his interview bring back some pretty tough memories from childhood. I find it quite ironic that C.S. thinks that he is his own man and is making clear choices that reign from his ability to be in control of his life. The reason that I see the irony in his statements, is that as a child and teenager I heard every single word CS said, but it was my father who spoke those words. When I listened to the radio show it was like deja vu. The second time I heard the interview in the next hour it all clicked, no wonder those words seemed familiar, I had heard them before. "I healed myself,.. AA is for sissies,.. I am in control...". The addiction specialist that was giving commentary in the segment said that as long as someone who suffers from addiction refuses help or doesn't think they have a problem there are three inevitable endings to this scenario: incarceration, institutions, death.

The addicted person is so narcissistic that they truly believe that the rest of the world is full of idiots who just aren't "enlightened" enough to see how great they really are. The addict can do no wrong in their own eyes, if others don't get it, or call them out on the rug for their choices, then the addict cuts them off with words or actions. The addict will protect their imaginary world with whatever it costs, may it be important relationships, their job, or anyone around them who brings any amount of discomfort to their choices. They like "yes" men and women.

As someone who lived with an addict until I was 17 years old, then teetered back and forth with addiction myself for about 5 years after that, I hear the words of C.S. and I think...you are not your own man, you are saying words that have been said before by many, you might think you are original but you are far from it.

February 08, 2011

Checking In

Third post in one night. That is officially a record. Had a bit of catching up to do with fun events and didn't want to cram them all together in one post. So besides the snow what is up with us? Well, we are all doing well. Rob is thoroughly loving his job at DRI. The kids are enjoying school for the most part, and I am loving my classes. I was sitting in my 8am class today taking notes on a formula to come up with "standard deviation" in my statistics class. As I was writing this formula out and listening to my professor explain it all I was overjoyed with my choice to go back to school. Good times.
Rob was asked to participate in ACU's Sing Song as a judge this year, I think that is so fun. I know he will have a good time.

I wish I could write about a good book I have read in the last couple of weeks, but I have had a lot of reading to do for school so I haven't completed a book in several weeks. I have several awaiting me.

The twins celebrated their 12th Birthday's last week. They haven't done a party yet, Sophie is going to have her party in a couple of weeks, Jack, well Jack never does anything easy. He has decided he likes to have his birthday party on the last day of school and do a sleepover with friends. Last year it was out of necessity, we just couldn't get the timing right and so he had to do it late. This year he has decided that is the way he wants to do it this year too. My kids are growing up.

I saw the neighbor boy driving today with his mom in the passenger seat. I couldn't believe that "little" kid was driving, then I realized my "little" kid, Derek, will be driving before I know it. It can't be.

Enjoy your day!

Snow Week

Tuesday night. Another winter storm is about to blow in. Last week we had 4 days that we were snowed and iced in. Abilene shut down. It was wonderful. We held up in our house watching movies, baking, organizing...I had done a little extra grocery shopping before the front hit, but also figured we had plenty we could make do with in the freezer. We did and just about cleaned out the fridge and freezer. I felt a little "pioneerish" where you just have to make do with what you have, it was a fun adventure.

Everyone got back into their routines this week, the kids are waiting for a snow day tomorrow, crossing their fingers. I have a big paper to write, so an empty house will be much more compatible with that project. We will see what happens. It was 60 degrees here about 2 hours ago, within just a couple hours we will be in the teens, tomorrow waking up to wind chills below zero. It has been an interesting season. Last winter we had 4 snowfalls, my kids are going to start expecting snow each year.

Here are some pics of the family out in the snow last week. It was FREEZING cold out when I took these pics, probably about 6 degrees or so. I lasted all of 4 minutes to get some pics taken.

Rob is throwing a snowball at me here.

Revolve 2011

Sophie and I went to The Revolve Concert in Dallas two weeks ago. We had a great time. The Revolve Concert is headed up by Jenna Lucado Bishop, but features several bands, singers, speakers and drama's. This is our second time to attend Revolve and Sophie is already talking about the next time we go. It is an event for tween and teen girls. There is an emphasis on valuing yourself, making good choices and purity, with a bunch of LOUD music in between. Sophie's favorite singer, Brit Nicole, performed twice and I have some pics below of her performance. It was a fun trip. I love just being with my girl. She is growing up right before my eyes and each moment I have with her, especially when it is just the two of us, is pure joy. I am one lucky mom. The pics start out at our first stop in the Metroplex, La Madelaine's. Sophie had never been there before and she loved it. We stopped to eat there on our way out of town too.