March 30, 2009

Recap, Texas Shopping, Derek's poor toenails and a couple of pics.

Monday night. Haven't had enough time to update lately. Our family is winding down their visit, one group leaves in the morning and the next Wednesday morning. All sorts of fun has been going on. There are some standard stores that my family (the women) like to go to when they visit, Friendze's, Under One Roof, Junk Warehouse, Zida's...some very Texas styled stores. Apparently Texas has a style all of it's own, whoda thunk it? And these places house such treasures that we take for granted, but those that travel from other states find that they have unique items to take back home with them, for themselves and as gifts. Our favorite place during this visit was Village Boutique. We all have Denise to thank for this, because for my birthday she bought me a lovely Charm Bracelet made by Brighton, then when the Coffee gals and I celebrated birthdays the other night all my darling friends added to my charm collection to help me fill my new charm bracelet. I was so excited to show my visiting family because I knew they would love to check out all the charms. I was right and we are all Brightoned now. Various charms on various pieces of jewelry, all lovely. I might take the time to shoot some pics of my charm bracelet to post on here some time. I just love it. I would also like to add I am not a real bracelet wearing kind of gal, they seem to get in the way, but I love this bracelet!

Our day started early today. Derek was scheduled for an 8am appt. to see a local podiatrist. He has been battling in grown toe nails for about 9 months now. He did not want to go to the doc to have them looked at so he was diligent in soaking and hydrogen peroxing and trying to self medicate. But the day finally came when I just had to make the appt., things were getting ugly quick. I broke the news to him last night and he knew it was time. So we went this morning and just loved the podiatrist, her name is Dr. Shelly Bruton. She was precious and sweet and as gentle as she could be. Both she and the nurse were astounded that Derek was functioning with his toenails the way they were, but they decided he has an unusually high pain tolerance, I thought he had an unusually high aversion to shots in his toes, but I kept that to myself. So after the doc checked out his toes she decided that he needed to not only have the ingrown part removed but the sides of the nail bed destroyed so the nail would not grow back on the sides and he would have no more problems. I was a little unsure about this procedure as I hadn't even considered it being done, but decided to just trust the docs opinion. During the numbing shots, which by the way they should invent numbing shots for the numbing shots, things were pretty rough. Derek did great blowing through the pain, for some reason that helps a little, and the first toe was numbed without too much hoopla, just a lot of breathing, panting and hand squeezing. The next toe, the shot must have really hit something weird because Derek quickly kicked his foot out while the needle was in it causing the needle to go ALL the way through his toe and out the other side. Yes you read that right. Apparently it is not unusual for that to happen, and didn't cause any trouble, just a great story for him to tell.

So we made it through and now he has two very large bandaged toes, the treatment now is just soaking twice a day for a month and putting some special ointment on it after he soaks it each time, along with some antibiotics to keep any infection away. I am just glad he doesn't have to ever go through that again.

Glad the procedure was done the way it was with the nail bed destruction, because apparently Derek would battle ingrown toenails regularly as the doc said she had never seen ingrown nails as ingrown as his and it would have been a continuing issue.

Jack had the numbing shots to remove an in grown toenail last year, he didn't have the nail bed procedure done though. There is more pain in that numbing shot than every procedure he had combined for his brain tumor, which is why Derek was not looking forward to having it done, as he had a very detailed account from his little brother on his experience.

In order to brighten up this post a bit I have enclosed a couple of pics of my sweet Derek holding his cousin Jake at the screen door at grandma's house, then a pic of Jake falling asleep in Derek's lap, and then the two big toes wrapped up tight today.

March 25, 2009

Family, Landry and G.P.

Wednesday afternoon. Rob's sis and her kids have been in town all week. We have had a fun time with them, I have been staying up late and getting to work on the computer early to have time to hang out with them. Loved the rain we had today, of course in the 1 minute I was out in it, going from house to car I was pummeled with hail. As soon as the car door closed the hail stopped. It was funny.

Please keep praying for Landry Robinson and her family. She is at this moment in surgery having a mediport inserted and a shunt to help drain the fluid on her brain. They have a care page site that is open for all to get updates on so if you are not signed up for that yet and want to be you can go to . I love the name that Shannon her mom assigned her page. Each morning when Shannon would pick out Landry's school outfit, Landry would say "no mom, it is not fablious." She likes "fablious" outfits. Don't we all ; )


I am still thinking about William Paul Young's talk on Monday night. Excellent.


The Living Proof Ministry blog, a.k.a. Beth Moore'es blog posted about G.P. today. Yvonne hit it right on the nose. G.P. is from Kirk Franklin's song Stomp. Stands for God's Property and that is the name of the back up singers group. G.P. are you with me? Yvonne is SO with it!!


Please keep little Landry in your prayers!

March 24, 2009

William Paul Young in Breckenridge, TX

Here is a pic I took of Paul Young speaking last night.

A car load of us girls headed to Breckenridge High School last night to listen to Paul Young speak, via Albany where we stopped for a good dinner at the Icehouse. It was a meaningful trip in so many ways. I was so blessed. Some background info first...

Here is a link to a previous entry on my blog, I was blessed to be a part of a "bloggers conference call" with Paul Young. We each asked him a question which he answered. Here is my review of the Shack.

I twittered some of my favorite quotes by Paul Young last night and listed them below.
Relationship destroys religious paradigms.
It took me 50 years to realize how many lies I believed about God.
You can't compare your hurt with anybody just like you can't compare your healing with anyone else.
Used to live from the outside in, now I live from the inside out.
Forgiveness is central to our own freedom.
I want to be a part of what God is blessing, not what I think is a good idea.
It took me 50 years to wipe the face of God clean because I had painted his face with the face of my father.
The deepest pain asks the best questions.
Walk don't run, living each day in the grace of God.


Paul Young is a humble man and a humble speaker. He said last night he was working 3 jobs up to the beginning part of last year. Selling machine parts and scrubbing toilets. I think my favorite thing about Paul is that he see's this phenomenon called The Shack is God's deal. Paul is just blessed to be a part of what God is doing. Paul started his talk by speaking about the rise of the book, different God stories that have crossed his path. One story I had heard before, but I loved hearing it last night. A man called his father who lived across the country from him and said he would be showing up on his doorstep with a wonderful gift for him. The father and son had been estranged for decades. The son drove days on his motorcycle to his father's home and only had time to stay a couple of hours before he had to get back on his motorcycle and head home. He wanted to personally place his marked in and dog eared book in his father's hand.

There were a half dozen more stories some even more amazing than a several day motorcycle ride.

After he spoke about the book, the publishing, the initial orders...he moved on to the Q&A. Answering questions he spoke to his inspiration to writing the book, his personal pain that inspired McKenzie's pain, and then spoke to his healing, and forgiveness for those who hurt him. If you are not familiar with his story, he was the son of missionaries to a cannabilistic tribe in Africa and he was sexually abused by that tribe, then put in boarding school and was sexually abused in boarding school. His mother was completely disconnected emotionally and father abusive. He had a lot of crud to deal with. His healing took 11 years, which he condenses into McKenzie's visit to the Shack which lasts 3 days.

I am in awe over his spirit of forgiveness, submission and humility. I find it completely amazing how God uses the most broken of His children to share His love and grace. It seems to me that the very broken are the ones who will let God have His way with them more completely than those who have it all together.

I could talk about his quotes above. Several are piercing. Several can almost take my breath away.

One specific question last night was why he chose such a heartbreaking way to start the book. Those of us who have read it know how it is just so difficult to read. Nothing graphic in nature, but it takes the worst fear as a parent and pierces our heart with McKenzie's journey. He said he was asked that question a lot and that led to the quote..."The deepest pain asks the best questions." What happens to McKenzie's daughter is representative to what happened to Paul as a young child.

If I had to pick one thing that I took with me last night, it would be difficult, because there was such rich gifts in his speaking, but I would have to say that it would be that God is all about our relationship with Him. If I cling to any rules, any legalism in religion, I am putting a mask over my relationship with my Heavenly Father. He is a God of redemption and reconciliation, not a God of rules. Some people might read that and think, well does that mean we can do whatever we want? Absolutely not, but the Holy Spirit and scripture are our guides in that. The love of God draws us in, we then are naturally convicted of the sin that is separating us from Him, we then are convicted to clean our life and make it pleasing to Him. The rules I set down for other people because of my journey are nothing but a hinderance to them. I love in scripture when Paul and Peter were arguing about circumcision, Peter thought that the Gentiles needed to be circumcised to be pleasing to God and by the end of the chapter it is decided that it is not best to enforce the Gentiles to live under the rules of the Jews as it could hinder their relationship with God. I am so guilty of this. The older I get and the more I grow in the Lord I struggle with this much less, but I still have to say that it is where my head goes first, then I remember that God's love will be what draw people to Him, not my spouting rules at them. Totally sinful on my behalf, God please forgive me for this and help me always love with Your love.

Overall a wonderful evening. Would love for Paul to come to Abilene.

March 23, 2009

W. Paul Young, Landry, G.P.

Monday morning.

Exciting day today, heading out with several friends tonight to Breckenridge to hear the author of the Shack, W. Paul Young speak tonight. I plan on taking my camera, so if I am allowed to use it I will post some pics here tomorrow.

We have Rob's sister and kiddo's in town this week and then his aunt and uncle along with their kids from Missouri in town starting on Friday. Good times.

Landry has made some strides over the last 24 hours. She no longer has the breathing tube in which is such a blessing. She is sitting up a bit more and her eyes have opened. Her mom wrote on the
Care Page site that she is not really focusing on anything, more like a blank stare. You can keep up with her progress on the Care Page site, it is open for anyone, you just need to register with Care Page if this is your first time to log in.

Seems like there are women everywhere who are currently studying Esther with Beth Moore. We watched lesson #6 this week in class. Beth frequently speaks to G.P. in this lesson, G.P. are you with me? Well after I watched it with the first group on Friday someone had googled wanting to know who G.P. was, several guesses, but nothing in stone. Well I am proud to say that I believe one of the very smart and knowledgeable women in my Sunday night study figured it out. G.P. comes from a Kirk Franklin song, of one of Beth's favorite singers. It stands for God's Property. My friend Yvonne figured it out and we briefly spoke about it during the video but didn't want to miss too much so we got back to listening. I meant to ask her the name of the artist and song to write for you here, but forgot when class was over. But for right now, mystery solved, G.P.=God's People. Shout out for Yvonne!!

March 21, 2009

An Angel That Can Cook

Saturday afternoon. About to head out for a bridal shoot in about 45 minutes and while I was getting all my equipment ready and cleaned I decided to shoot a couple of pics of my sweet Sophie. The very first present I bought for Sophie for 2008 Christmas was the Paula Dean cookbook for kids. She has been reading it for months and finally today the planets aligned and we had the time to shop and get everything ready for her to cook our dinner tonight. She decided on Sausage and Egg Quiche, with strawberries and oranges, and a devil's food bundt cake for dessert. She was so excited. She loves to cook and does it each week at grandma's house, but not so much here at home, bad mom, bad mom.

Here are some pictures of my precious angel baby, who is not a baby any more. Her smile brightens my world.

About to crack the first egg.

Oh no, egg shell in the eggs!

It's all good, egg shells removed.

Measuring the Half and Half

Stirring it all together.

I am one blessed mom.

March 20, 2009

W. Paul Young in Breckenridge (The Shack)

Denise just called me and told me that W. Paul Young is scheduled to speak at the United Methodist Church in Breckenridge on Monday, March 23.
Click here for info. I just loved this book and had the amazing opportunity to participate in a "bloggers phone conference" several months ago with Paul Young. I have heard him speak on you tube clips and really enjoyed him, some good friends of ours heard him speak at a home church conference and they thought he was a great speaker. Just wanted to let all the other non-newspaper reading people know this hot news.

Landry's Report and Care Page Info

Might be back on for a full post later. But for now I wanted to say thank you for praying for Landry during her surgery yesterday. She came through with flying colors. Many of the "problems" that were anticipated by the neurosurgeons ended up not being problems at all...sounds like the Great Physician, JEHOVAH-ROPHE, The God who heals, had his hands and heart on little Landry.

Landry has a care page and you can click on it below to keep up with her progress.

Landry's Care Page

Thank you God for your love and presence.

Please leave Landry's mom and dad a note if you can, to know all the people who are praying for her will be such a blessing to them and their faith.

March 19, 2009

What helped the most.

One of my dearest friends and most favorite bloggers, Sarah, from The Cleft of the Rock has been nominated for best female blog on the Theobloggers Awards Click over here to vote. Voting goes through Monday, so head on over.


Please be in prayer for Landry, a kindergarten student at Wylie, who is undergoing a very long surgery (possibly up to 15 hours) today at Cook Children's in Ft. Worth. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this week.


I have been asked not only how to help your children through a critical diagnosis of one of their little friends, which I wrote about yesterday, but what to say to the mom and dad.

I can only answer for myself, but truthfully there is not much that can be said. Nothing said really made me feel better, think the teacher in Charlie Brown. I did appreciate everyone's prayers, and them telling me they were praying. It was a huge source of comfort, that my child's name was being lifted to the Father. Over and over God heard Jack's name. As much as I love the Lord I didn't really appreciate hearing that God's ways are higher than our ways. I didn't really appreciate hearing that God didn't make the tumor happen. God certainly allowed it to happen. It would take me months and years to work through that and find myself in a place that had complete trust in God's plan for Jack.

What did help?
The ministry of presence. I can remember every face of every person who sat by us at the hospital, everyone who drove to Dallas to hold our hands, share our tears and pray with us.

The ministry of serving. So many people just looked around and did what needed to be doing. My SIL moved in to stay with our 2 kids while both Rob and I were in Dallas. People from church and the community made sure we had money for food and gas while at the hospital. Lawns mowed, dishwasher fixed, meals made.

The ministry of prayer.

The ministry of the blog. Sarah started a blog (which is this blog) for us while we were in the hospital. We could call her and let her know Jack's status and she would update the blog for us. After a week we found out about the blog and then we got on line and could read the amazing comments, love and prayers for Jack. I published that first year in a book because I don't want to forget the journey and all the comments of our friends, family and strangers.
I really loved the blog because we could tell Sarah and she would put the correct info out on-line for us. After a couple of weeks Rob and I started doing the updates ourselves. Everyone wanted to know how Jack was doing, we wanted everyone to know, but it was not possible for us to talk on the phone in our room without upsetting Jack in the early days of the Posterior Fossa Syndrome. The blog was our connection to the outside world.
Many people use caring bridge, and that is a wonderful option. I am glad that Sarah started a blog, because it was easily published, and because I have grown to love writing even beyond Jack's updates.

God's Presence. Through His people, through His word in scripture, through the Holy Spirit by giving me strength when I knew it did not come from me.

Thank you God.

March 18, 2009

Friends, Brides, and Prayers

Thanks to Lauren's blog I know that I took pictures of her wedding day 375 days ago ; ) Lauren and Jeffrey are a fun couple to know. I love the post from today. Jeffrey is in medical school and Lauren is in dentistry school (is the the right name for the school when you are going to be a dentist?). This post is about the first time she removed staples from a prisoners face, a gang member who gave her some encouragement. Both Lauren and Jeffrey are witty writers, enjoy their blog.

Here is a picture of Lauren from her bridal pics that I took. This picture is blown up and on the wall in my studio.


Amber and Kent had their baby. Click on the link to get the full story from Amber's blog. Here is one of their wedding pictures from last year.


Another brain tumor in our school district. Right now we have on our prayer list a little boy named Ty who is in the 1st grade, as of yesterday we added a little girl named Landry who is in kindergarten. She was care flighted to Cook Hospital in Ft. Worth yesterday after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor yesterday.


My friend Amy called me yesterday to find out how to explain such a difficult thing to her daughter who was friends with Landry. I am sure that there are a lot of parents wondering how to help their children navigate through the illness of a friend. When Jack was diagnosed he was in kindergarten, Sophie was in kindergarten and Derek was 2nd grade. Child Life helped us immeasurably through the communication with our children, family and friends, young and old. Part of me didn't even want to talk about it with my kids, I know I would have, but it was such a painful time I couldn't even think of the right thing to say to myself let alone my children. Child Life told us that we have to be completely truthful with our children, explain it on their level, (i.e. a big ball of gunk in Jack's head), then explain what can be done...the doctors at Jack's hospital know what to do for Jack. They are very smart and they see kids like Jack all the time, so Jack is safe, and the best doctors are with him. I never told my kids that Jack would definately get better, but that we would pray for that, I did tell them that God was with us and that He was faithful and we could put our trust in God taking care of all of us each step of the way.

Very important to also not leave your kids wondering what is going on. Child life said that they will make up something even worse in their head, and especially with the way the kids talk at school, if your child doesn't have the truth they could believe something even worse. Many kids will also take the burden upon themselves, they did something wrong, they caused it is very important to let your kids know that no one caused this.

God's word was my Rock during that time of uncertainty, I lived ate and breathed the bible. I wrote down scriptures that spoke to the fears I was dealing with. I didn't want to let Satan steal my hope during that time. I did feel quite overwhelmed, but I could speak scripture or read it and remember to breathe again. Here are some pics of that first day for us.

March 17, 2009

In Honor of St. Patrick

Facts and icons from the Joyful Heart Website

This day which is known as a party day filled with corned beef and green beer and a pinch if you are not wearing green, "is based on St. Patrick (389-460 AD), missionary to Ireland, is a Christian that all can be proud of, Catholic and Protestant alike. We celebrate his martyrdom on March 17 each year."

St. Patrick's Prayer for the Faithful
May the Strength of God guide us.
May the Power of God preserve us.
May the Wisdom of God instruct us.
May the Hand of God protect us.
May the Way of God direct us.
May the Shield of God defend us.
May the Angels of God guard us.
- Against the snares of the evil one.

May Christ be with us!
May Christ be before us!
May Christ be in us,
Christ be over all!

May Thy Grace, Lord,
Always be ours,
This day, O Lord, and forevermore. Amen.


This is my favorite icon of St. Patrick, he holds the Shamrock that reminds us of Ireland.

Here is an exert from the story on the Joyful Heart website, this was one of Patrick's experiences shortly after he returned to Ireland.

The druid Lochru started to insult Patrick viciously and to slander the Christian faith in the most arrogant terms. A holy boldness took hold of Patrick. His eyes locked with the pagan priest's as truth confronted darkness. Sensing God's presence he shouted: "O Lord, who can do all things, who sent me here: May this wicked man who blasphemes Your name be carried up out of here and die straightway!" An unseen Power suddenly flipped the evil priest into the air and crashed him to the ground, his skull shattering against a rock. "Seize him!" the enraged king sputtered. Patrick stood and called, "May God arise and His enemies be scattered!" Darkness suddenly fell on the camp. Confused guards began to attack one another. The ground shook and frightened horses galloped off, smashing the chariots. A terrified king knelt before Patrick, though his eyes still flashed in anger.

Easter morning Patrick and his five companions marched into the castle and entered the king's banquet hall. A contest with the remaining druid, Luctmael, ended in the magician's fiery death. Patrick faced King Loegaire boldly. "Unless you believe now, you will soon die, for God's wrath will come down upon your head." That day a broken king knelt before God's servant.

This confrontation between Patrick's God and demonic forces marked the beginning of a thirty-year mission to Ireland.


"Patrick started his life the son of a deacon in the village church who served more for a tax advantage than out of love for God. Patrick did not find his faith until his family home was burned and as a young boy taken into slavery. He found God in the fields while shepherding the the pagan chieftain kings sheep. Over the course of Patrick's life where he faced opposition and several times imprisonment...Patrick said, "Daily I expect murder, fraud, or captivity, but I fear none of these things because of the promises of heaven. I have cast myself into the hands of God Almighty who rules everywhere." By the time of Patrick's death he had baptized tens of thousands and established hundreds of churches throughout Ireland. Within a century this once pagan land became predominately Christian, possessing a vigorous faith."


On this day I thank God for the men and women who have gone on before us, whose faith and strength give us examples of how to live for Christ in a society and world who oppose Him.

March 16, 2009

Spring Break 2009 Pictures

Monday morning. Got on Twitter this morning and everyone's posts were either not wanting to get out of bed, calling in tired to work...Spring Break is over and the school days start up again.

We had a great week last week. The highlights were the Ft. Worth Zoo and the Dallas Museum of Art to see the touring exhibit of King Tutenkhamen. We saw a couple of movies after we got back in town and hung out. It was a fun week.

Here are some pics of our trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo.

Here is Jack's body with the head of an eagle!!

All the cousins in the stagecoach. I had Jack wear these shooting glasses. His right eye doesn't close properly due to the facial paralysis and being outside for long periods of time really irritates his eye. We couldn't find his sunglasses for him to wear and I ran across these glasses in our laundry room, he was fine wearing them and they did a much better protecting his eye from the wind than regular sunglasses. Shooting glasses, the new must have accessory!

Right after we looked at the elephant all the kids gave us their best "elephant" impersonations.

A pretty waterfall in the Gorilla Kingdom.

Snakes creep me out. But I loved this picture because it shows the droplets of water on the snake. This snake laid right below the mister.

From the creepy snake to my favorite model for the day, this amazing little penguin. He loved that we were taken by his charm. At one point after we had been staring at him and taking pictures our attention was drawn away to look at something else for a moment, this little guy was bummed out that we weren't focused on him. He started waddling off to find someone else who would adore him, then we turned our attention back and he waddled right back to us so we could gaze upon his sprite demeanor some more. I think he would have loved to just give us all hugs and we would have hugged him back.

This is our favorite part of the zoo. The bird atrium. I took this picture through the fence, I loved it because I could see faces and anticipation of a bird on their food stick.

Here is Sophie holding a beautiful parakeet while the parakeet is snacking on the food. The zoo wasn't real crowded on the day we were there, so the birds were plenty happy to jump on the food we had for them.

Here is a mama lioness. There were 2 mama's and 3 baby cubs on this ledge.

As happy as the penguin was to have our eyes up on him. That was how unhappy this orangatun to have us even looking in his direction. He was leaning to the side scratching at the grass, then he looked at us and plopped himself over in the first picture. He took another look at us and in the next picture buried his head. He slightly reminded me of my kids when they were 2 years old. Man Diva attitude.

Here is a picture of Jack in a low tree. He was not happy with me about 5 minutes previous to this he wanted my cousin Michael to lift him in a tall tree. I put the kabash on that plan because Jack falling out of a tree in Ft. Worth was not on my to do list that day. His balance and grace has not necessarily come back since his tumor disappeared. Poor kid comes home with scratches and bangs everyday from p.e. and playground time. The kids had run ahead of us and when I turned the corner we entered an area that had a perfect lower branch that Jack was able to climb up on by himself. About 30 seconds before I took this pic Jack was unsure if he was going to get busted for climbing this tree. It was low enough that I was good with it, so he started taking full breaths again. This pic made me think of the 70's for some reason, maybe it's the tshirt, maybe it was Jack's glasses, but I gave it a look that continued the 70's hazey faded look.

This was my only pic of the Dallas Museum of Art. We weren't allowed to take pics in the exhibit, but here we were in the theatre waiting for the Egypt in 3D movie to start. We really enjoyed the exhibit. There were no mummies, the mummies always stay in Egypt, but there were pictures of the mummy several times through out the exhibit. The artifacts ranged from King Tut's relatives tombs, to the artifacts in his tomb. The artifacts were over 3000 years old. Amazing. My kids all enjoyed the museum, I would recommend if you go to get on line and buy your tickets early. There are timed admission entry for all tickets. We bought our tickets for 10am and had about a 20 second wait to be let in the exhibit. By the time we left the wait to get in was over an hour and that was with the timed ticket. They only let a certain amount of people in the exhibit at one time. The earlier you go the better.

We had a great week. Hope you did too!

March 11, 2009

A Short Intermission

Spring Break. Kids Home. Ft. Worth Zoo. King Tutankhamen. Pei Wei. Pappadeaux. Family Fun. Exhausted. Worn Out. C U Next Week!

March 05, 2009

Abilene's Got Talent

Ran by the mall tonight after a sitting and took my camera in because I knew that America's Got Talent was choosing 1 lucky and talented individual to represent our town. It was a fun to watch. If I didn't need to get home I would have sat around and just listened to and watched all the talented people performing. I heard 4 different performances and all were excellent.

This little girl sang Rollin' On The River in Tina Turner Fashion, she rocked the house. She had some hair flipping motion that got the crowd clapping and smiling. Her voice was great.

The man in this picture is one of the hosts and he is interviewing the contestant.

These girls had a great duet worked out. Had never heard the song before, but it was so cute and fun.

Speaking of America's Got Talent, this boy might have some talent, but he "ain't got no team," his jersey wont be hanging in shop windows for very much longer. I wonder who wants to invite the drama king into their team?

March 04, 2009

Familiar Faces

My Father In Law sent this pic tonight along with the words below. He works in Kyrgystan, so the original message is in Russian then translated to English. Thought it would be fun to leave in the original wording. If you click on this pic it will enlarge for you to see it properly. Enjoy

Здесь более ста известных людей. Если назовете минимум 25, то можете считать себя образованным...
а оформление-то какое !!! Красиво!!

There are more than 100 world known personalities on this painting. If you can name a minimum of 25, you may consider yourself a cultivated person

Good luck.

Books, Beth and Fear

Wednesday morning. Read The Five People You Meet In Heaven last night by Mitch Albom, it was one of my paperback swap books. I had already read it, but it had been several years so I read it again. I enjoyed it, it certainly made me think about minor insignificant happenings here on earth in a normal day and how they affect others around them.

I have a couple Henri Nouwen books in the wings to read, but I think I am going to read Same Kind Of Different As Me again first. Love that book. If you haven't read it yet, it is a very special book and I can't recommend it highly enough. Written by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. Here are some pics I took of them when they came to Abilene to speak at ACU. This truly was a highlight from last year for me.

U2's new album hit the shelves and itunes yesterday. I have listened to bits and pieces of it but haven't downloaded it yet. Anyone out there heard it yet?

Another great itunes link would be to the Esther Study by Beth Moore. Last weeks lesson was great, talked about overcoming your fears. One fear that seems to kick up a notch is when we become parents, we start to worry about our own health a bit more because we want to be healthy and alive to take care of our children, she addresses many kinds of fear, but this one had alot of head nodding in agreement. Man or woman this is a great listen. Beth Moore, Esther, Lesson 4, If You Remain Silent.

Speaking of bible study, Queen Esther is beckoning me to move on to what happens next in her saga. Have a great Wednesday.

March 03, 2009

Mac Air - I am sorry I belittled you.

Technology is around me all the time, but I am not a natural at it for sure. I bought a Mac Air laptop last year on the spur of the moment to replace my dearly beloved macbookpro that was smashed by American Airlines. I was going to a lighting seminar and it was "highly recommended" to have a laptop. I jumped into the Mac Air because of its size. Granted with the work I do on the computer I need real power in the processor and all sorts of ram, but let the "fits in a manilla envelope" pull me in. I bought it and never really liked it, mainly because it wasn't as easy as 1,2,3 like my other macs were. Back to the not natural with technology. I bought a super drive for it, because I wanted to use it to hook up to the projector at church in our bible class room to show the video's for class. For months I didn't think it could do it, but I am here to say that it can. If I would have only read the stinkin' directions and opened the white packet containing the whatsa hoosits then I would have figured out how to make it work. Oy Vay. I put on my big girl britches last night and am trying to figure this Mac Air out. It is certainly not a computer I would do heavy editing work on, but it would be a great companion to travel with and as long as I keep all my images on a portable hard drive and not on the computer itself I think it will work for me. I am making it work. To my tiny little Mac Air...will you forgive me for saying such horrible things about you. You have sat lonely in my computer bag with me giving you the evil eye for months. But I am now singing a new song, you are paid for, you are as thin as an envelope, you and I can we be friends?

March 01, 2009

Marriage Simulcast - Excellent!

Rob and I went to the Focus on the Family's Simulcast Seminar on Marriage yesterday. One of the local churches in town hosted it. The speakers were all exceptional, and it was nice that there were several couples from our church there to sit with. There were 5 different speakers along with Jeremy Camp leading worship. The day was well worth the time spent.

Beth Moore was excellent. God has used Beth in so many women's lives through her bible studies. She is anointed in teaching, and truly loves scripture more than anyone I have ever witnessed. The woman is always on fire and full of great inspiration. I was surprised by her talk yesterday. As someone who has done all of her studies and who reads the LPM blog (Living Proof Live, Beth's Ministry), I knew that she had herself a "wild man." That is how she refers to her untamable husband, whom she loves and adores. Her talk was VERY transparent about her marriage. She told the crowd, most people have an idea in their head that all of us up here have lives that are perfectly put together, then she said that she is alone at church 3 out of 4 Sunday's a month. Her husband doesn't go to church with her on a regular basis, but he does have a powerful prayer life she said. Before Beth ever speaks her husband prays over her either in person or by phone if she is out of town. She spoke to the women in the crowd who have an "idea" of the "ideal" great marriage and they are just not satisfied and are not generally content with a "good" marriage, when did "good" cease to be "good" she asked. When did "good" become not good enough. Beth said she had a "good" marriage and that she would not focus on what she thought her husband should change, but on all the wonderful things he is.

She talked a bit about how baggage attracts baggage. If a woman tells her about how much baggage her husband has Beth will ask her about her own. The concluding point to that thought was that "a healed marriage can minister to many more people than a well one can." That is so true, I look around me to the couples who I know who have gone through serious issues, those healed marriages are such an inspiration to me.

The day was a lot of fun. Loved every minute of it.