March 19, 2008

Lyndsey and Nathan

Wednesday morning. I am back in Abilene. Flew from Savannah to Dallas yesterday right before they shut down the airport in Dallas due to the bad weather. They hadn't officially shut things down until two so I had waited a couple of hours to see if the flight they rescheduled me on would take off or not. But about 2pm it was official, no more flights coming or going. So I headed to the car rental place and rented me a little car and headed into Dallas traffic in the rain. I made it safely back home last night at about 6:30pm. My luggage made it safely back (my checked luggage that is) early this morning. I say that my checked luggage made it back safely but not all my carry on did. I always keep my computer and camera equipment with me, but on the smaller planes they find it hard to accommodate everyones carry on's, so they ask that you valet check it at the end of the walkway right before you get on a plane. On the way to Dallas and Savannah they wouldn't let me carry it on, even though I know they have a compartment up front for such instances. I told them I had photo gear and laptop in my bag, but they had no mercy. So what did I find when I got to Savannah but my laptop screen cracked down the middle :(
But I am not even going to think about it, I have gone to the happy place in my mind, for it was the most wonderful trip, to a beautiful place with beautiful people. Click here to see the slideshow of the wedding day.


not-so-deep Denise said...

WHAT! A CRACK! And American Airline is replacing that when?

* said...

Tammy, I'm new to your blog (via Proverbs 31) and love your photography! I enjoyed the slideshow of the wedding. I was born not far from there. Such beautiful scenery and you captured it perfectly.~Julie

jessica said...

I'm with Denise, they will be writing you a check... NOW... right???

Thanks for stopping by... I'm feeling good, just bored to tears! I've never done the stay at home thing well... as you know! Glad you enjoyed Paula Dean's! I'm sure the food was AMAZING!!! I'm a little jealous... maybe I'm in the wrong career path!

Amber Joy said...

Oh man, Tammy. My heart goes out to you.

Dee Andrews said...

Tammy -

I just caught up with all of your blog posts (was in the hospital all last week, bedridden and with no computer access) and really enjoyed all of them and all of the photos. Thanks!

I hope that things continue to go really well with you and your family. I LOVE your new office and really enjoyed the Savannah pictures at Paula Deen's place and all. Sounds like great fun.

I had to cancel my plans to come out to Abilene last week since I was in the hospital and have no idea right now when I'll be well enough to try again to fly out. I had thought maybe in about a month earlier in the week, but have not felt as well the past couple of days, so I don't know. It's rather discouraging.

Drop by Finding Direction when you have the time and do me a BIG favor by commenting on today's post, which I plan on entering as non-fiction in a local writing contest. I'd really appreciate it!

Hope to see you again one of these days and to have more coffee (or goodie drinks) with you and Denise.

Much love,


Roxanne said...

Gorgeous photos. . .LOVED getting to meet you FOR REAL. . .and you didn't even MENTION the computer. I am assuming you were still in your happy place. :)