May 09, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day is a day of blessings because I am a mom and I love being a mom. I rejoice in my children and the blessing of being carefully chosen to be their mom and walk along side to guide and teach them about life, love and most importantly the love of God.

But as happens each week of Mother's Day I doubly miss my mom. As I was walking down the hallway this morning I read a poem that my mom had written about her mom. After my mom passed my mother in law had my mom's typewritten poem framed and it hangs in my home. My mom was a writer, she expressed herself through words and poems. She loved on all people she met. She was a friend to the friendless. Jesus was her best friend. She is an inspiration to me.

Here is the poem she wrote about her mom.

The Last Beginning

When one so dear
Has gone beyond,
Should we rejoice or cry?
For us to reach that Golden Shore
Everyone must die.

We rejoice that you have found
The love that lasts forevermore.

Because of the faith
You left behind,

We, too, will find that Shore.

Written by Beryl in memory of her mother.

As the poem was written by my mom for her mom I thought the fitting picture here would be with my parents and my mother's parents. This picture was taken in my mother's homeland of Australia.

Thanks for the faith you lived out, mom. I pray all of us kids see that it is the only thing that matters.


Anonymous said...

Not that I thought I was going to get through today without crying for Mom but UGH....

Love you Sister,


Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy, that is a special Photo and my Mum and Dad and I had not seen it before and yes we will always have very strong feelings of love when we think of our mothers and we always use their wisdom to help us through our lives with our children and grandchildren. Much love to all my sister's family.XX Eloise