May 24, 2010

Cubs Game at Ranger Field

Much to our delight the Cubbies came to Arlington to play the Rangers this past weekend. They are in different leagues so they don't play each other every season. It had been 3 years since the Cubs played at Ranger Field. If I sound like I know a lot about baseball, I do not. I was just very well informed on our drive to and fro Arlington yesterday. Derek had figured out they were here last week and we all adjusted our schedules so we could go to our first family Cubs game. Rob was the only one of us that had seen them play before. To say that Derek was excited would not even come close to his feelings about attending a Cubs game live. It was a blast to be together to experience such delights. I went assuming (you know what they say about assuming), that the Rangers would win. Let's face it, when you are a Cubs fan you love them for being the Cubs not because they win a lot, or even often. To us, and to the millions other Cubs fans out there, they are our beloved team rain or shine, win or lose. Well my assumption was wrong, the Cubs won the game. It was too good to be true. I was able to ride home in our van with happy men folk. Men folk who recounted the joys of the game and not the woes of the loss. It was a day of sheer perfection.
Here are some pics of the day.

The field.

Derek and Sophie

Rob's smiling face. And sunned head.


Me and my girl.

Our seats were in the sun and it was h.o.t. Jack, Sophie and I headed up for the cheap seats that were shaded. We actually left our sunny seats to get some shade and when I couldn't find anywhere to sit in the shade I opted for finding new seats. I told Rob we would return in a while once we cooled off a bit. I had tried to call Rob to let him know that we had found shady seats and would be planning on staying put in the shade. He didn't hear his phone when I called him. I took this picture of Rob and Derek sitting in their seats several sections down and over from us. The weirdest thing happened, because Rob didn't hear his phone ring I knew I was going to need to walk back over and let him know that we had found new seats. Well before I did that I wondered if I could just wave and get his attention, so I did and believe it or not he looked our way as I was waving and saw it was us. This image is way zoomed in, we were too far away to make out faces but I recognized his floppy Cubs hat and he saw the 3 of us. It was so cool. Anyway he and Derek joined us a bit later so we could all sit together for the rest of the game. It was so freaky cool.

A Cubbie pitching.

Our wonderful Texas Rangers, whom we adore and only cheer for the other team when it happens to be the Cubs.

Game is over and the guys are headed to the dugout.

Our family after the game.



The Cubs fans are epic! They were everywhere for the game, and I heard that it had been that way for the previous two games in the series. They are dedicated and love to celebrate those wins. As we were walking back to our car this group of people had the music turned up high and were singing a Cubs Victory Song for all who walked by. It was great to be at the ballpark on a day where your team was the one being celebrated.

Go Cubbies!!


Sarah said...

That sounds like a VERY fun day! So glad your family enjoyed it!

Lisa said...

Just LOVE Sophie's shades. It sounds like a great family time.

mad4books said...

What a day! I know nothing about sports (insert Brian Regan clip here: "Score another goal unit! Defeat the opponents soundly in the skirmish!"), but this sounds like the most amazing day...and love the Victory Song Crew at the end.

The only way this day could have been better would have been if Uncle Julio's in Fort Worth had somehow been insinuated into the action.