Easy Garlic Naan

I made grilled chicken tikka masala last night. We served it over rice with peas mixed in. It was SO yummy! I love that the Natural Food Grocers carries many of the Indian cooking sauces. I bought the Patak's Tikka Masala. So all I had to do was grill the chicken, then let it simmer in the sauce for ten minutes and voila it was done. Rob and I both love Garlic Naan and I didn't get by the store to buy some yesterday to eat with our meal, so I looked up a recipe to make it at home. Unfortunately for me I hadn't planned ahead enough and Naan is a yeasty thick tortilla so I didn't have time to let the yeast do it's trick. However, Rob suggested that I use one of the many packages of tortilla's in the fridge to make a tortilla version. So that is what I did. I made it again today to go with the leftovers and thought I would take some pics of the easy process.

Ingredients: Tortilla's, butter, minced jarred garlic.

 I warmed a skillet, melted a pat of butter, then laid a tortilla over it. I swished the tortilla all around in the pan to make sure it was covered with the butter. While that side was browing I put a teaspoon of the minced garlic on the topside and spread it around. Once the bottom was toasty brown I flipped it to the garlic side and basically just let it warm up and toast the garlic slightly. Garlic burns so easily that I didn't leave it for long. Then I folded it up with a spatula...voila, easy garlic naan. It tasted SO delicious. It was a huge hit.


Deanna said…
Thank you!! This was super helpful as I was in a pinch big time! I had my maya kaimal jalfrezi curry with chicken all ready and realized I had no naan. I followed your instructions and also added some tiny pieces of cilantro on to the frying pan. It turned out amazing, thanks for your help:)

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