Denver Moore and Ron Hall at ACU

There were two events that I attended today at ACU. The first was a question and answer time with the students and faculty of ACU. I was grateful that I was allowed to attend to capture some images for the school.
This is before the question and answer session started. I love the looks on these girls faces.

Ron Hall getting miked up.

A little praise and worship before the session got underway.

Prayer time.

And it begins....

Here is Denver answering many questions.

Several books to have signed.

Denver sharing his wisdom. The wisdom God gave him.

One of the students asked Denver if he would sing. The moderator didn't want to impose on Denver so asked him if he planned on singing during the evening presentation. Denver said "I better sing now, cuz we don't know what might happen between now and tonight."

A student capturing a picture of Denver singing on her iphone. All the questions were texted to the moderators phone number, then he in turn asked the questions. All the freshman at ACU this year were given iphones as part of their registration, the school is utilizing the technology in many ways.

Book signing time. Ron and Denver were so gracious and kind to each person.

The second event of the day was held in Moody Coliseum. This was open to the public and several thousand people came to hear Ron and Denver speak. No one left disappointed, the stories of their lives were intruiging, inspiring, convicting and we were so blessed to hear Denver sing several songs. I loved every minute of it.
Jim, Abbie, Denise, Susan and Vann all waiting for the event to start.

Mayor Norm Archibald moving through the crowd.

Ron was first up. He did a great job with the intricacies of he and his wife's story. His wife Deborah, Miss Debbie, as Denver calls her was the star of the show. Only to be surpassed by the amazing providence and goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ. God is alive and active in our world today, He thrills me to no end, and to hear how His goodness filled Deborah, how she served the least and most dangerous of Ft. Worth, how God's love prevailed just brings tears to my eyes. Glory. Miss Debbie is in Glory right now, and because of her life, homeless people have been served in many more ways.

Then it was Denver's turn. He quoted scripture, preached a little, encouraged us to give, sang a couple of songs. He had some serious fire in him and a little girl who was sitting up close to the front got a little scared. He told her there wasn't any reason to be afraid. Then I think he got a little tickled with himself. He is certainly filled with wisdom and boy does he know the truth. One of the students earlier in the Q&A had asked him how he knew so much scripture if he couldn't read the bible. Denver learned to read and write in the last year or so. Denver said that when he hears scripture God puts it in his subconscious level, then when he needs to recall it, it is right there. Denver was homeless for 25 years and in prison for 10 years. On the streets homeless people will go to a church service then head into the mess hall for a meal. 3 meals a day, 3 sermons a day. Then when he was in prison, there was one man who knew how to read the bible. Denver and a group of men would gather around him to hear scripture read. In the time that Denver was in prison that man read the bible from cover to cover 7 times.
Another thing Denver said earlier was that where a man would lack, God would give him something to make up for it. What I took from that was Denver couldn't read or write, but God gave him an incredible memory.

This is my favorite picture of the day. Denver is sitting next to an artist rendition of an image that a freshman at ACU drew through his inspiration from the book. Several students were recognized, this was the winning submission.

The school presented some ACU Sweatshirts to Ron and Denver.

Book Signing

Collecting money for the homeless population in Abilene. Miss Deborah never referred to homeless as "homeless," but as God's people. Denver pointed out that we are all homeless, we might not be "houseless," but until we get to our final destination, heaven, we are all homeless.

I am so grateful for Ron and Denver and the book, Same Kind of Different As Me. The book has changed lives all over the world. Has inspired believers and non-believers to reach out to those who live on the streets, or people who are suffering. I am grateful for the opportunity that we all have set before us to be one person who can shine God's light to all of those around us.
Hope you enjoyed this post. It was a fascinating day. Anyone who would like to grab an image to use on their blog is welcome to, please just be sure and leave the credit info on and if you would be so kind show me some link love.
Thank You God for the weaving of our lives together. Thank you for Ron and Denver and Miss Debbie and all who serve the homeless in Abilene and throughout the world.
"Who ever gives to the least of these, gives to me."


Susan said…
Thanks for sharing your wonderful photographs. You have a gift. Last night was really special and you, your camera and your words captured the evening. Thank you again. Love you.
Linda said…
You have a God-given talent in telling about the day and evening with your pictures and your words. Tammy, you are amazing. I loved hearing about it and seeing your pictures, especially of Denver with the student's drawing of him and Ron. Thanks....I almost felt like I was there. Their story of how God uses the unlikely combination of an art dealer and a homeless man is a great one, and the way it shows the heart of "Miss Debbie"....loved it all.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for posting this-and so quickly, too! I wanted to be there so badly. God was definitely glorified.
honey said…
Thanks so much for capturing the day so beautifully. You are a jewel! Jacki
bakerl said…
What wonderful photos and description! Both author events were powerful experiences. In case anyone is interested, the ACU students have started a wiki and blog about the common book. Anyone from the school or the community is welcome to participate at The ACU Library will also be posting the videos of Ron and Denver's sessions, so you can catch them online if you missed the live event.

Thanks again, Tammy, for sharing with all of us.

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