February 01, 2010

Is it Convenient Yet Felix?

My bible class at school is studying the book of Acts right now. The book starts off with Pentecost, then Peter takes several stands for Christ, then one of my favorite followers of Christ, Paul formerly known as Saul, has a blinding meeting on the road to Damascus. I always love to read the story of Paul and his many journeys. While he was still Saul, he gave authorization to precious Stephen's stoning, Stephen the man with the face of an angel. To think of such a man as Saul, who hated Christians and The Way, and his transformation to Paul and the divine ways God used to get his attention is an inspirational story.

When I think about my past I find comfort in Paul's past. He was never afraid to tell other's he was the worst of sinners, but the ending to that story is look what he became with Christ as his King. He is my role model for sharing Christ. I am not nearly as bold or tough as Paul, but I strive to live for Christ as he did more and more each day.

During the last couple of years of Paul's life, he was accused by the Jewish Leaders and sent to be judged by Felix, who was a governor. Felix called Paul in to hear his side of the story and as Paul does he shares his story, and his hope. There was no basis for Paul to be held, but Felix kept him in prison for 2 years hoping that Paul would give him a bribe to be set free. Here is the scripture from Acts 24:25.

As Paul discoursed on righteousness, self-control and the judgment to come, Felix was afraid and said, "That's enough for now! You may leave. When I find it convenient, I will send for you."

The Lord reminded me today as I was praying with a friend that there have been times in my life, sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of rebellion, that I have pushed God away and said "that's enough for now, You may leave, when I find it convenient, I will send for You."

God will always be right there ready to walk back through the door when I open it for Him. But I will have missed out on many an opportunity in the mean time. I love the words of Mary the mother of Christ when she found out she was to have a baby, a virgin birth, "May it be to me as you will." I like those words much more than, "I will call you when I find it convenient."


Amber Joy said...

Once again, Tammy, your words have touched me. Thank you for sharing this with me today. I've always admired Mary's courage.