July 07, 2010

Washed By The Water.

Even when the rain falls
Even when the flood starts rising
Even when the storm comes
I am washed by the water
.....lyrics from Need to Breathe, Washed by the Water.

Over the last several months I have become even more aware of the power of sin. We all have experienced it, I have for sure. But the sin that has wrung my heart over and over these last couple of months was not mine. Satan had his way with one of my most favorite people in the world. I continue to relearn over and over that no one is beyond mistakes; no one is above the reach of the lures of hell. No one but Christ Himself. But sometimes we as humans put someone up on a pedestal because they shine the light of God's love so clearly and so powerfully we just think they wont be tricked. It is those precious souls that walk the earth that Satan will relentlessly pursue at their most fragile and weary times. As we all face our mistakes and choices we have made there must be a time of reconciliation, reconciliation with family and friends, but most importantly reconciliation with God. Reconciliation with God allows all the other reconciliations to take place with authenticity and humility.

I witnessed a baptism this weekend that was amazingly full of the Spirit. The Spirit was thick during worship before the baptism, through the prayers, and certainly during the baptism of a new sister in Christ. As I was watching and singing and rejoicing tears fell. I couldn't help but think about the young woman who was lifted from the waters of baptism clean and pure and then think of the person who had been drawn in by the darkness and they both were covered by the faithful grace of the Father. Both redeemed souls.

When I was 13yrs. old I chose Christ as my Savior and chose to follow Him, my dad baptized me in our swimming pool. I can remember the feeling as he lifted me from the water, I was a new creation and I thought that I would never leave nor forsake Jesus. I was wrong. I was very wrong. But God knew that and adopted me into His family anyway. He was faithful through my thick and thin. He was always waiting for me to return whispering His love into my heart at every turn. The last couple of months were a heart-wrenching reminder of just how much sin can affect so much. The tears at the baptism this weekend were not sad tears, they weren't tears of rejoicing.... they were tears of humility, of gratitude, I had eyes to see the darkness of sin and the washing of the Living Water that continually covers our sin, that transforms us, that walks with us the journey of our life. We that have hearts for God are not perfect, we make mistakes, we break our own hearts and those around us, but we are given new mercies every morning. We are given grace at every turn.... I look forward to the day when Christ calls me home and I can do nothing but fall and kiss His feet for sacrificing Himself for my sin and the sin of those I love. His Light will guide us Home.


Casey said...

Beautifully said. Over the last year I have seen satans work and it hurts, I mean I literally ache for those girls, and their families. Those wives had a choice, but their family didn't but yet they have to suffer from satans work. Just wrong. I am thankful for His everlasting love, for Him never leaving nor forsaking me, for loving me even when I fall short.
Thank you for your reminder. I'll pray for you, and you pray for me- bc I still miss these ladies, even though my heart is hard toward them, I still love them maybe not what they have done, continue to do... its something I struggle with. I never had a problem with forgiveness until now, and I just don't know how to do it. I think I have until something happens and then its smacked in my face again again. and I just think if I feel this way, how are her kids feeling. and then I hurt... divorce is like a death in the family, but they really didn't die so how do you really mourn them and get over them and the hurt that they cause.
so... anyways... thank you for your words.
Love you and your family so much Tammy.