August 29, 2010

Wildcatter Ranch Fun!!

Our family went to the Wildcatter Ranch in Graham this weekend. We had SUCH a good time I thought I would share some of the pics with you. We arrived Friday night after dark so we didn't do much looking around that first night, however we did get to hear some great country music as we were driving in from the live band that plays at the Steakhouse each weekend. The first thing that caught our eye when we walked into our cabin was this cool Teepee bed. The kids loved it! Here is Jack trying to stake his claim.

We went out to the back porch that had some rocking chairs and a very dark view that night. I took a picture of the sign that was on the tree....danger..Snakes and Rocks.

Here is Sophie after reading the sign. She is not too sure of the possibility of snakes. We did see a baby rattler one morning out by where we were feeding the Longhorns. It is Texas Country for sure.

Here is Sophie in front of the hearth. Our room was called "Famous Chiefs" so the entire room was decorated with pictures and collectibles of the famous Indian chiefs from that area. Each cabin had a different name and a different decor that reflected the name of the room.

Here is Rob just hanging out in our room.

Sophie has joined Jack, she is trying to unstake his claim of the Teepee bed.

When we woke up Saturday and opened our back door this is what we saw.

It was the perfect place to enjoy our morning coffee.

Out our front door was a tether ball game which the kids loved. I didn't get a picture of Derek on the bikes, but one of his favorite things was to ride around the property on the provided bikes not too far from our cabin.

After breakfast was over the fun really started, we all loaded up into a covered wagon and headed down to feed the Longhorns. We had to call them to let them know we were there to feed. Hooo-Weeee!!! This was one of the first Longhorns to reach the fence.

Here come a couple more. The spotted steers are pure longhorn, the reddish steers are a crossbreed of a Longhorn and a Mexican Cow. The cross breeds have a bit more meat on them, the Longhorns are pretty bony in the rear quarters.

This Longhorn's name is Cry Baby. He is a bit of a whiner apparently if he is not the one being fed!

This is Big Boy. He is the 3rd largest registered Longhorn in Texas. They measure the horns from one side to the other, so it is not a weight thing, but a horn thing ; )

Here is Jack taking it easy on the hammock.

Here is the crew in front of our door.

After the Longhorn's we headed down to the lake to take a canoe ride. We had fun on the lake, except when we had a snake swimming next to our boat...eeeek!!!

We made it back!!

Here is Sophie swimming in the Infiniti pool. It was SO beautiful.

We got to feed the Longhorns two mornings so here are my pics from today. Rob and I drove ahead to get some pics of the wagon as it was headed down to the pasture.

A close up shot of the wagon. We were at the Wildcatter Ranch so I could shoot a wedding. Mary P. who is here in the center was the mother of the bride, she was also Derek and Sophie's Kindergarten teacher.

I could take pics of Longhorns ALL DAY LONG!! I am completely in awe of them. They are such beautiful animals.

Here is the crowd feeding the Longhorns.

They are so flexible.

It's time to say goodbye ; (

We had such a good time at the Ranch, the kids didn't want to leave. There were many opportunities for fun that we didn't get to do, skeet shooting, atv'ing, horseback riding, archery. We are definitely looking forward to a return trip.


Amber Joy said...

This looks awesome! What a fun getaway for all of you!