October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Family Fun

This is the month for the Pumpkin Patch at DRI where Rob works. Our family went out to volunteer at the Patch on Thursday night. I decided to try and find the most..hmmm, "unique" pumpkins to take pics of. Here are some of the pics I took that night.

Here was a warty pumpkin.

A diverse grouping of pumpkins.

Some white pumpkins.

This pumpkin is kind of freaking me out.

And it's neighbor....

These little mini pumpkins are so cute!!

Sophie looking a little freaked out because I asked her to
sit next to the man dog.

Jack hanging out in one of the pumpkin trailers. I love the
gourds in the background.

Here is Rob and Derek carrying out a load of pumpkins
with the most amazing little Mattie May hitching a ride.

Jack obliging me by standing next to the scarecrow.

The only pic I got of all my kids together. Along with the man
dog, he was so intriuging I wanted to include him in the
family picture.