November 07, 2010

She is a delight.

Several weeks ago my bible professor shows us this video in class. We were covering the scriptures on marriage and divorce in the gospels. I have yet to forget this video, I don't guess I ever will, I hope I don't. This is marriage in it's greatest and truest form. Mr. McQuilkin was the president of Columbia Bible College and its graduate school.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful example of love. Thanks for posting.

Sharon Winkler

delonymom said...

Thanks Tammy. My dad is now caring for my mom full time as she slips further into dementia. Yesterday, he talked about what a "funny lady" she is, and I know that he feels that caring for her is an honor. Not only is she happiest when he is with her, so is he. I've been so blessed to have parents who have been so devoted to each other.