February 08, 2011

Revolve 2011

Sophie and I went to The Revolve Concert in Dallas two weeks ago. We had a great time. The Revolve Concert is headed up by Jenna Lucado Bishop, but features several bands, singers, speakers and drama's. This is our second time to attend Revolve and Sophie is already talking about the next time we go. It is an event for tween and teen girls. There is an emphasis on valuing yourself, making good choices and purity, with a bunch of LOUD music in between. Sophie's favorite singer, Brit Nicole, performed twice and I have some pics below of her performance. It was a fun trip. I love just being with my girl. She is growing up right before my eyes and each moment I have with her, especially when it is just the two of us, is pure joy. I am one lucky mom. The pics start out at our first stop in the Metroplex, La Madelaine's. Sophie had never been there before and she loved it. We stopped to eat there on our way out of town too.