February 08, 2011

Snow Week

Tuesday night. Another winter storm is about to blow in. Last week we had 4 days that we were snowed and iced in. Abilene shut down. It was wonderful. We held up in our house watching movies, baking, organizing...I had done a little extra grocery shopping before the front hit, but also figured we had plenty we could make do with in the freezer. We did and just about cleaned out the fridge and freezer. I felt a little "pioneerish" where you just have to make do with what you have, it was a fun adventure.

Everyone got back into their routines this week, the kids are waiting for a snow day tomorrow, crossing their fingers. I have a big paper to write, so an empty house will be much more compatible with that project. We will see what happens. It was 60 degrees here about 2 hours ago, within just a couple hours we will be in the teens, tomorrow waking up to wind chills below zero. It has been an interesting season. Last winter we had 4 snowfalls, my kids are going to start expecting snow each year.

Here are some pics of the family out in the snow last week. It was FREEZING cold out when I took these pics, probably about 6 degrees or so. I lasted all of 4 minutes to get some pics taken.

Rob is throwing a snowball at me here.


Scott F said...

Love the last photo with Rob throwing the snowball at the camera. Nice shot! If he hit the photographer, even better shot! ;)