February 08, 2011

Checking In

Third post in one night. That is officially a record. Had a bit of catching up to do with fun events and didn't want to cram them all together in one post. So besides the snow what is up with us? Well, we are all doing well. Rob is thoroughly loving his job at DRI. The kids are enjoying school for the most part, and I am loving my classes. I was sitting in my 8am class today taking notes on a formula to come up with "standard deviation" in my statistics class. As I was writing this formula out and listening to my professor explain it all I was overjoyed with my choice to go back to school. Good times.
Rob was asked to participate in ACU's Sing Song as a judge this year, I think that is so fun. I know he will have a good time.

I wish I could write about a good book I have read in the last couple of weeks, but I have had a lot of reading to do for school so I haven't completed a book in several weeks. I have several awaiting me.

The twins celebrated their 12th Birthday's last week. They haven't done a party yet, Sophie is going to have her party in a couple of weeks, Jack, well Jack never does anything easy. He has decided he likes to have his birthday party on the last day of school and do a sleepover with friends. Last year it was out of necessity, we just couldn't get the timing right and so he had to do it late. This year he has decided that is the way he wants to do it this year too. My kids are growing up.

I saw the neighbor boy driving today with his mom in the passenger seat. I couldn't believe that "little" kid was driving, then I realized my "little" kid, Derek, will be driving before I know it. It can't be.

Enjoy your day!


Amber Joy said...

They are growing so fast!
And somebody ELSE I know is having a birthday soon, too...