May 08, 2011

Blessings of the Day

Mother's Day 2011. Almost 4pm on Mother's Day. This morning we had a great day of worship at church, then we headed back to our house to eat a wonderful meal. I don't mind cooking on Mother's Day because I really don't like to wait in line at a restaurant and by the time we get out of church it is normally 12:30 and the lines are long. I cooked Pioneer Woman's Dr. Pepper/Adobe Sauce Pork, shredded it for taco's and then the Knock You Naked Brownies from the same website. They were quite a treat. Rob's mom joined us for lunch and it was a special day.

In the midst of needing to read a bunch for school I have started to read Ann Voskamp's, A Thousand Gifts . It has been on my to read list for a while, but I haven't taken the time until now. With 2 other books going for school purposes I picked up this precious gem. I just could not wait any longer. I am so glad I did. It was refreshment to my soul. Reading this book is like sitting on a warm day next to a stream of cool water trickling over my toes. It is full of delight and truth and grace. I have taken a respit from busyness for a day or two to sink my teeth into a place of peace and presence.
A large part of the book is Ann learning to be thankful and content in the midst of daily life. She decides to make the commitment to write down 1000 blessings, specific blessings she is grateful for. I had NO intention of following in her footsteps but I feel like God is calling me to enter into this endeavor. It is in my busyness that I need to be more intentional about thankfulness and welcoming grace into my life.
My first entry in my journal.
1. A hand-made piece of pottery my first born made me for Mother's day.

My second is this sweet card from my daughter:
10 Great Things About You! (I have typed it as she has written it.)
1. Your Nice
2. Your loving
3. Your funny
4. Your caring
5. Your awesome
6. Your a good listener
7. Your a great cook
8. You follow your dreams
9. Your my mom
10. Your you

Numbers 6 and 8 made me cry. I try and be good at number 6, but I know I can be better at this, and number 8...for every step I take toward schooling and learning there is a part of me that feels guilty for doing anything for myself. My head knows that my example for my children is beneficial, but the guilt is always there and I am always pushing it down. I am thankful that my daughter listed "Following My Dreams" as something she loves about me. #8 is my #2 entry in my journal. I am thankful that my daughter thinks that following my dreams is a great thing.

I am excited to share with you that I have signed up to be a part of the "Growing Deeper" program at Lipscomb. It will be a 12 month program that leads me into a consistent devotion to growing deeper in Christ. There are guided readings, journaling, a mentor, two residencies and prayer. I had seen the program and made a note about it because it was something that I wanted to consider for the future, but I didn't think I wanted to add one more thing to my schedule. God had another plan. The moment I set the info to the side on my desk, God spoke to my heart and said, non-verbally (for all that are freaking out right now), if you can't make time for me right now, if you can't be intentional in your relationship with me right now, it will NEVER get easier. There were some other confirmations that this was something God wanted me to pursue, so I immediately listened and pulled that piece of paper back in front of me and took the first step. I am now signed up and will start this program later this summer. All my work in this program is done here at home, but I will travel to Nashville for one 5 day residency and one 3 day residency. I am tearful over the blessing of God's making His will known so clearly.


chesley said...

the following your dreams made me cry too! good for you though!! at least you get to do your residencies in the best city in the south :)!!