December 02, 2011

Hello, It's December....Is that me running by?

The blur of life...enjoying each and every moment along the way.
I see the last time I have posted was in October, now it is December. We have been busy, but most of all my brain has been full of books and studying for school. One more week and my semester will be over, less finals week. I can feel some space opening up for writing and creativity.

So much I want to write, so I am going to do a twitter version of events.

November was a lot of fun. Had a great time spending Thanksgiving with family in town. Have also loved the recipes and creativeness of Pinterest, made several holiday recipes from my Pinterest boards. Love Pinterest, if you are a fan of recipes, crafts, art, fashion, words, architecture, pictures of faraway places...then you would probably like

My brother, Rob and his family, along with my brother, Will and his fiance, came to visit over Thanksgiving. It was SO fun. Rob rented an RV and they drove down here together. It was a long trip for them, made a little easier because they all had space to hang out, while my brother Rob drove their house for the holidays.
We had fun with the idea of the RV being their house. Like...let me just run home and change, or I left my hat at home can you bring it when you come to meet us, I want to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and watch the game...but I want to go home and go to sleep...with an RV, both are possible at the same time. We had a blast.

School...have loved all my classes, all have been challenging and have learned a lot. My Art class has been my most fun, I just can't get enough of looking at all the old Masters and hearing stories of their personalities, quirks, devotions...really a wonderful class.

Growing Deeper Spiritually - I am finishing up my program here in about 6 weeks by visiting Nashville again for our last residency. One of the requirements is to undertake a 48 hour silent retreat. I had such a difficult time scheduling this retreat. Not a lot of flexibility in my schedule for many reasons. But, my finals schedule was heavy on the last part of the week, so I made the commitment to participate in the silent retreat next weekend. I am going to go to the Cenacle House outside of Houston. It sounds marvelous and comes highly recommended. I can't wait, I know it will be wonderful. However, to know that I will be in silence with the only dialogue, for the most part, happening between me and God is also a bit intimidating. I would appreciate any prayers lifted on my behalf for a safe journey and for God's work to be done in me. I will have spiritual direction and guidance through my silence by one of the Sisters there who is a Spiritual Director. I am prayerful for a blessed weekend. As my leaders in this program say, don't go into something like this with high expectations to hear God speak or bring you a word, just be glad to have the time in God's presence. God will do what God will do, I am just glad that in this time of Advent that I will be wholly with Him for 48 hours. Thanks be to God.

OK, a bit more than a twitter feed....God's great blessings to YOU this season of gratefuleness as we remember the greatest gift, a Babe born in a manger.


Amber Joy said...

Love the update! Your retreat next weekend sounds AWESOME (coming from on introvert in an house full of socialites)! I will be praying for you that the Lord blesses and fills your time in a wonderful, new, and exciting way!
Love you, Sister.