May 09, 2013

Poetry of Life. My Grandfather.

In about 3 hours I will have finished my last final for the semester. Glad to have summer ahead. Lots has been poured into our family's life over the last 6 weeks or so. Each day is a reminder that all is gift. I have found myself in a place of using the margins of my life, and thanks to the flexibility of my family, lots of the daily space to tend to my Grandfather who was released on Hospice after being in the hospital for a couple of weeks.

Each day God reminds me that life is sacred and that no second to be taken for granted. My Gran has lived a lovely life of almost 93 years, and lots of his body is still strong, so he is by no means about to die today or tomorrow, but his journey has become one of needing other's help to make it through the day.

My days have as of late been spent either up in the hospital with him, and in the last couple of weeks learning what his needs are through the day now that he is at home. I would say that it is in these moments of grace that I feel like God is so very present. He is in the struggles of figuring out how all of my Gran's needs will be met, He is in the bright morning sunlight when I say my first good morning to my sweet Grandfather. He is in the voice of my Grandfather who is so grateful and thankful for his life that he has no cross word or complaint to utter even in this time of transition and sometimes confusion. His countenance reminds me of the saying, "It is not until the sponge is squeezed that one see's what is really on the inside." Watching my Gran's generosity and thankfulness during this time has been humbling. He misses that strong body of his, but he is thankful that he has been blessed with what he has at this moment.

He uses such words that we don't hear much any more, many that sound like they are from days long ago. His words and adjectives are lovely, it is as though poetry has taken root in him.

His words will sign off this post today,
"I have no words to explain the amount of love that I have inside of me. It is though I am so full of love there are no words great enough to express how I feel."  my Gran (Bob G.)

For his words and love I am ever so grateful. May not one moment be overlooked.
Here is an old pic of my Gran in the center.