May 31, 2006

Jack, Nana and Gran, Austin and Katie

Hello. All is going well at our house. We have with ease fallen back into our summertime routine. Wake up without an alarm ringing in our ears (although none of us wake up any later than 7:15 even without an alarm).

Jack had a tiring day yesterday. We went to the pool early, at 10 am then stayed until lunch time, came home and rested for a while. Jack had a 3pm Occupational Therapy appointment. On occassion they will do the therapy in the pool which they did yesterday and they had made it an hour session rather than the regular half hour, then a half hour of physical therapy where he did alot of climbing. On the way home from therapy Jack said to me, "Mom, when you tell me it's bedtime tonight at 8pm, you wont have to ask me twice, I am going straight to bed."

My nana went into the hospital yesterday and she will probably be there for a couple of days. She is in congestive heart failure and has an irregular heart beat in the upper area of her heart, then the lower area is not pumping well, so there is some confusion of the working parts of her heart. She will have an echo today and they will have more information. I had the best time just sitting in the hospital room with her and my grandpa last night. I stayed until 10:30pm. Before I was married and had kids my grandparents had become my main focus, and I loved every minute of it. They have paved the way for our family and shown us what it is like to see a life lived out in service to the Lord. They are not pew-warmers, they are actively seeking how God will use their now weak bodies and soft voices for Him. In their earlier days they were go-ers and do-ers and it has not been easy for them to accept the plight of their weakened earthly vessels as they would still love to be out taking care of others, and not be the ones taken care of. I told my grandpa last night that he was the strength of truth and love in our family for all of us to see and learn from.

I loved just sitting and being with them last night. June 15 my grandpa will be 86 years old, that is my nana's age right now, but on that day they will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.

Jack has a blood draw tomorrow and we will celebrate a little boy's birthday at the chemo clinic. Austin will be 5 years old, and he is a spit-fire. He is a ton of fun. I will post and let you know how those counts turn out.

It has taken me about 45 minutes to write this because I have the Today Show on and today is Katie's last day. I am a blubbering mess of tears off and on this morning. I guess I am going to miss that Katie.

Have a super summer day.


Amber Joy said...

It's always a pleasure to read about Jack's frankness. All your kids are just precious, and seeing you all on Sunday blesses my soul.

LiteratureLover said...

Your grandparents sound wonderful. I've had the privledge of having such wonderful grandparents. I hope someday I can be like that even if I'm weak physically. I'll be watching for Jack's counts.