May 13, 2006

Mother's Day

Checking in over the weekend. The kids are playing at Mommer's (grandma) and Tom's right now. I am sure they are having a blast, as they always do. Times at grandparents homes bring the MLK statement to their minds..."free at last, free at last...," A typical Saturday morning brings western movies and gun fights for the boys, and playing restaurant and plenty of coloring for Sophie. I am so lucky to have such wonderful people who are part of my kids lives. About a month ago Derek had to sing a bit of a song in his Bible class to be assigned the correct part in the song Someday. There are 4 different singing parts (sorry no technical words here), for the 4 different type voices, soprano, alto, tinner (I am guessing that one), and bass. Derek was an alto. So when asked to sing a bit of a song to let the teachers hear his voice, he chose HELP by the Beatles. Did I mention that there is alot of Beatle music at Mommer's and Tom's. I asked Derek what type of songs other kids sang and he said church songs, and then he commented that most of them sang very softly, but not him, he belted it out.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Mother's Day last year we were still at Dallas Children's Hospital, fixing to move to the Rehab in a couple of days, although I doubt we knew that yet. The mother's day gifts I received last year, were a mood ring from Derek purchased at the gift shop which I loved because he picked it out. And Elaine gave me a carved wooden statue of a little boy holding a big gold heart, that as well came from the gift shop. I loved that big gold heart, it made me think of Jack and how enormous his heart is. Just a couple of things that he did this week that brought a couple of tears to my eyes...while driving home from church we noticed an elderly gentleman who was shoveling dirt in his front yard. Jack immediately said, "we need to help him." And didn't let it drop, Derek wanted to help to, and as it wasn't after his bedtime, I walked down their with him (work gloves and shovel ready) to see if he could help, but the man had already gone inside. Jack wouldn't rest until he knew someone had gone to help. Then a couple of days ago he noticed the dry erase marker that his teacher uses in class was drying up, he came home and searched through our craft stuff and found another marker and came out and asked me if he could take it to school for his teacher because hers wasn't working very well. When I picked him up for chemo the next day I asked him if he had remembered to give his teacher the marker, and he said, "Yes, and I told her if she needed another I could bring her more."
Stories about Jack's love of taking notice of small things and helping out when he can are almost endless. Derek and Sophie are very good at that too, but Jack notices stuff even I don't notice sometimes.
This might just be the very best Mother's Day ever for me. I am not in a hospital, my kids are all thriving, the Lord has been very, very, good to me.

Check out this website to see a Relay For Life blogged through the night. Very cool.
Blogging for Life

Happy Mother's Day


LiteratureLover said...

What precious little hearts to be so willing to help and Jack noticing such little things that others miss. What treasures you have! I'm so glad this was a wonderful Mother's Day for you.