June 15, 2009


Monday lunchtime. Woke up early to get on the computer today to try and keep up with editing for sittings and weddings. It's a busy time. Took the kids to the library to turn in their movies and get some new ones. I love the library.
Rob and I saw Terminator Salvation on Friday night. I loved the first 2 Terminators, but alas this is not even in the same realm. It did have some cool computer effects but the script was so lacking in my opinion that even the explosions didn't make up for it.
Denise recommended a great kids book to read, it was called Savvy. It was a BlueBonnet book so it had won some awards or something. I read it, my kids had other books on the top of their lists for summer so far. It was a fun book, probably meant for pre-teen age to read. I thought it was fun. It was based on a certain family who upon their 13th birthday they receive their "savvy" kind of like a super power of some sort. I loved the main characters savvy, she could hear tattoo's talk.

I talked again with a sweet mom of a girl who had brain cancer at about Jack's same age. One of the many who have gotten cancer in their kindergarten years in our area. It had been several years since I had first spoken to her. She is so gracious and helpful. I am going to look into some holistic options for Jack during our interim time of waiting. Her daughter had exhausted her traditional treatments and the cancer was terminal, the doctors had sent her home. This mom took her daughter to a health care facility in San Antonio that treats patients holistically. This little girl who was terminal when she was 7, after receiving her holistic treatments graduated last year from Wylie. I had remembered that the mom had told me that the healthcare facility had discovered that her daughter's body was reacting to the aluminum in the water in Abilene. Apparently Abilene add's aluminum to clean our water, helps the silt fall to the bottom. At the time of her daughters treatment the treatment plant in our area added more aluminum than the other treatment plants. Not everyone's body reacts the same to aluminum, but the healthcare center in San Antonio said they have never seen a childhood tumor that wasn't caused by aluminum. The healthcare facility also told this mom that if Abilene continued to add aluminum that there would be an increase in childhood cancer in our area....living that.

I have really dragged my feet on the holistic route, not because I think it is wrong or bad, but because of my own rebellious nature. My mom was very holistic in nature and she always made me feel bad for taking my kids to the doctor, getting their shots....So I tend to not want to embrace it for some weird personality flaw in myself. I need to look at all the options.

Right now Jack is in a waiting period and it would be a good time for us to at least meet with the Holistic Health Care Center and find out our options. But one thing I have done is ordered a Water Distiller. In my opinion there is such a great amount of kids that are diagnosed with cancer in our area that it had to be something associated with the water table, something natural or something that was added to the water. We will all drink distilled water, which is even cleaner than Reverse Osmosis water to at least do what I can in that area.

Most people will never have to deal with deciding it could be a life threatening issue for their child to drink water from the tap, but for some genetically disposed kids it could make a difference in their health.

I researched distilled water and there is of course a lot of controversy either way. Some people say that if you don't drink tap water you wont get the minerals that your body needs. Some people say that Reverse Osmosis is the best. And others that Distilled Water is the best. Dr. Andrew Weil, who I believe to be a great source for health and nutrition advocates Distilled water. But after talking to this mom yesterday and all of her experiences, and having a daughter that is free of cancer and a terminal diagnosis of brain and spine cancer, I will go with their route.

I do have an inner peace when following this direction. I am not a big believer in "signs," of course I believe in the Holy Spirit that guides us if we will listen. But whether by coincidence or if it was the push I needed this was Jack's fortune at lunch 2 hours after we got the results of his MRI.

I never even thought twice about it that day, in fact I thought, yea right...Jack eat healthy, that will never happen. Then a couple of days later I remembered my conversation from years ago with this mom, and then I remembered Jack's cookie message.

I do believe this is the way the Lord is leading me on this. Otherwise I would just like to sit back and let the doctors be responsible for my son's health, and even though it is the easy way, it doesn't seem to be the right way at this moment in time.

Please join me in prayer for wisdom and discernment on this next part of our journey.


jennieland said...

Tammy - I have been seeing a similar doctor in Dallas - with some GREAT results. I don't want to go into too much detail here, but I would love to tell you all about it sometime if you'd like! The doctor's name is Dr. David Brown and he owns the Alternative Medicine Clinic in Dallas off of 635 and Preston.

Anonymous said...

We have had some of the same questions about the effects of diet on our daughter's seizure disorder and autism. There are lots of different claims out there, most not scientifically proven, so we have avoided them. Our choice has been drugs for the seizures, and behavior therapy for the autism. Both have yielded good results (not perfect), but we still wonder if there is more we should be trying.
Will be in prayer for you as requested.


Sharon Winkler

janakbeck said...

Whatever you can do---DO IT! It's got to at least be worth a try. I'll help you in whatever way I can.