June 29, 2009

Pics on My Gallery Wall For Sale

Monday morning. Such a full day ahead but wanted to check in here and say a big hello. All is good at our house, my father in law was in the town over the weekend and left to head back home in the wee hours of the morning today. We might get to see him one more time before he heads overseas to start his new job which everyone is excited about. Yesterday after church he had his grandkids just to himself without us "parents" getting in the way of the fun. Rob and I were prepping for our VBS a.k.a. Summer Bible Adventure.

Last night was our first night of VBS themed Paul and the Underground Church by Group Publishing. It is so fun. Denise asked me to help her in the Musical Instrument Shop. The kids get to make tambourine's. During the time of Paul many of the Roman shop owners were believers in many different gods. The Christ followers were being persecuted and the church was growing in leaps and bounds. I didn't want to be a pagan shop owner that was snarky to the Christians so I told Denise I would be a Christian who was a part of the underground church, working for her. Then she came up with the idea I would be her slave. It turned out so good. The kids love it. Denise gives them the rundown on the craft, then she talks to them all along talking about the heretic Jesus. I am giving Jesus the thumbs up behind her back. Then once the tambourines are made she leaves the shop and leaves me in control, while she is gone we all sing a song about Jesus while banging our newly made tambourines and I give each child the following "secret" note.

Dear Friend,
I want to encourage you in your faith. I too am a follower of the One True Christ and have experienced persecution for my faith. I am a slave that is in service to a pagan shop owner. I pray for her each day that she will come to know and love the Christ we follow.
I pray that you will be strong in your faith all your days even in times of persecution. Please keep me in your prayers to be faithful to Christ and to be bold in my words about Him.
Your sister in Christ,

Then I tell them to put the note away before the shop owner comes back in or she will be very mad at me. The kids totally get into it, and as they are leaving the store I am wishing them strength in their faith and high fives for Christ and then they are whispering, "I've got my note" and they point to their pocket or show me it crumpled up in their hand.

I love that we are having fun with the booth beyond the tambourines ; )


I decided to close down my gallery/studio. I am not up there but 2-4 or so times a month, I show up and everything is dusty and looks so lonely. I have loved having it, my original intent was to move my complete office up there, and found that I didn't have enough time on my computer up there without going back to the office at night which I didn't want to do. So I brought my office back home and met occasional clients and showed my work at artwalk. Almost all of my work is referral based, so having my work up on the wall was not integral to booking. I am bummed about not having my pics up to see, but I am also relieved to not have to think about rent. There are so many more places I would feel good about that money going to, my sponsored kids with Compassion, friends leaving for the mission field, and of course contributing to my family's budget.


I will be open through July so if you have a picture on my wall I would love to sell it to you at a discounted rate, I would much rather have those pretty pics on display somewhere rather than in a closet at my house....or horrors...in the trash.

Thinking of the names and faces I have on my wall....Benton, Alexandria C., Hallie, Melton girls, Ella, Nic and Vanessa, Kayla and Daz, Ash and Irwin, Ashley and Kalem, Lauren, Taryn and Chase, Rachel...many more that are not coming to my mind right now. If you have seen your pic or your child's pic on my wall at some point then they are up there.

Call me, email me, facebook me, if you want to come by my studio and see your pics, I will be there for Artwalk July 9th from 6-8 pm and you can cash and carry.

Most images are 12x18 and backed with art board, if they are not framed they are $15 if they are framed then $35. These prices are WAY below cost.


Jennifer said...

Ok, since you twisted my arm, I'll take the one of Benton. I am such a sucker for your beautiful pictures.

Melissa said...

I'm in! I think you have at least one of Ella. Sold!

Tracy Gand said...

So sad to see you leave the Cockerell building, but glad you feel good about the move overall. It has been a pleasure getting to know you, read your blog, and see your beautiful work (and your beautiful heart). Many blessings to you,
PS. Now we may have to do coffee, too!

Nancy said...

I will try to come by Thursday during artwalk....PS We had a great time with Kayla and Daz.

Nancy Lowry