September 24, 2009

Front Lawn Eye Candy

Just downloaded the pictures from my camera from last weekend. My friends and fellow speakers and I from The Coffee Group were returning from an amazing retreat with the Georgetown C of C that took place in the quaint town of Salado. As we were driving home we were driving through all sorts of little towns. At one point in the journey we drove by a black and white striped house with this scene. The conversation in the car went something like this, "Were those two flamingo's looking into a toilet? yes, I think so, did you see the beer bottles adding decorative value? Yes, I did." Then I said, Hmmm I think I might need a picture of that. So after a bit of effort and a couple of turns we ended up back by this house and here is the picture of some true west Texas charm.

I should have taken a wide shot, but I was so enamored by this bit of art that I couldn't get my eyes off of it. If I had taken the wide shot you would have also seen a family of wooden skunks to the left of the sidewalk, the black and white striped house, with a big red sign that said "Call me if you want to know what I think about the city courthouse" and then listed the phone number.
It was quite an interesting view.


Amber Joy said...

Maybe somebody from the courthouse was playing a prank... ;)

Jennifer said...

We saw that! Hamilton was it? Hunter and I were on our way home from a cruise. We laughed but didn't want to ask the tow truck driver escorting us home to stop! We happened to run over a tool filled bucket in Houston rendering our car undriveable. Fun way to end a trip!