November 11, 2009

Good Times

Wednesday night. Kids are asleep, or at least in bed with eyes closed. I have just finished downloading and editing some pictures I took yesterday at Disability Rescources Inc. during their big day of ribbon cutting and wonderful words shared with all of us onlookers. Rob has been working at DRI (Disability Resources Inc.) about 10 months now and he loves every minute of it. I love that he is there, and working with such a great ministry. Serving those precious souls is a gift. Before we knew he was going to work with the "folks" I had read Henri Nouwen's book called Road to Daybreak, I have already talked about it here, but it is the story of one of the greatest modern day theologians who led ivy league colleges in their theology dept's, but was not satisfied in the life of academia and spent time finding out where God would have him be. He found his way to Daybreak, a home for the mentally and physically disabled in Canada. The man who had the world at his fingertips, left it to become a servant to the least of these. I am proud that my husband has a job that he is able to serve and love God's precious people.

As I write this I am listening to Switchfoot's new album. It is wonderful. I have never owned a Switchfoot album, but have loved the lead singer's lone music he has put out over the last year, Jon Foreman. His music makes me happy.
Switchfoot has a harder rock sound to it, somewhat comparable to U2, The Cure....with Jon Foreman's great lead vocals.

As of yesterday I am officially a registered student at ACU. I start up in January with 12 hours. My first semester will be filled with Acts-Revalation with Mike Cope, Sociology, Environmental Science and Adult Learning Theory (required). I can't wait for January. One of my friends at church tonight told me I should scour the internet for scholarships, especially geared toward returning students. I have no idea where to begin with that, and with all the scams out there would be hesitant to chase anything down without someone's initial recommendation. If you have any advice in this area would you leave me a comment...pretty please?


GLEE is all the rage right now. I watched the first episode, not even all of it and it didn't jump out at me. Someone twittered about the soundtrack yesterday which got my interest, so I revisited the show watching the last 4 episodes on my computer while editing last night and today, some of the story line's I could do without, but the music is wonderful and the fact that one of the episode's had Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline in it, made it even more fun. Thanks to my dad I am a huge Neil Diamond fan and can be found singing along to Cracklin' Rosie, Sweet Caroline, America...on a pretty regular basis. Neil music makes me happy. I surprised my dad and took him to see Neil Diamond for one of his birthdays about 25 years ago, it was a great show. So back to Glee....I think I like it ; )


melene said...

Glee has been a disappointment to me in some of the story lines, as well. But I also bought the soundtrack and love listening to it while I'm stuck in D.C. traffic!

There is an organization for women called P.E.O. and they give loans and scholarships to women returning to school. You might want to check out their website as a possibility. I think it's great and I hope you love every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

I too started watching GLEE. I LOVE the music but had to give the show up because of the story lines that were in such poor taste. I was disappointed because I am looking for a new show. I never thought of buying just the cd. Great idea.