November 13, 2009


Friday afternoon. Waiting for some pics to download on my computer thought I would share a bit of what I heard Priscilla Shirer say this morning on a live feed through All Access with Lifeway. There is a Women's Ministry Conference taking place this weekend, and today's events and backstage happenings are on live feed for all of us to watch. Here is the link. There is a schedule of events on the All Access Lifeway site, the other main speaker for today is Kelly Minter at 7:30pm, check your time zone with the Lifeway site if you are going to try and catch this, would hate for someone to miss it because of a time zone difference.

Priscilla spoke this morning as the main speaker. She was addressing a crowd of women who work in ministry for the most part I assume, but the information shared was a blessing for all women. I loved several topics she addressed. The theme of her talk was God's Supernatural Anointing. I was working as I was listening so I didn't take notes, but one of the other women who was live streaming did take notes and she was gracious enough to pass them around to all of us that asked for them. I thought I would post them here. Thanks Stephanie.
8 Princples to live/lead by:

1. Super natural abilty to handle task @ hand
2. Super natural authority. God in us ministering. Only Gods authority can change a life.
3. Super natural vision-pray for the real issues
4. Super natural endowmnet of God's energy. Priscilla prays Romans 12:12 before she even gets out of bed
5.Super natural priorities- Can't give what we don't have inside. If you aren't careful "things" will take your attention. Spend time w/ God.
6. Super natural focus- If the Father ain't doin it I ain't doin it! Focus on what God has put on your plate. Don't go the wrong direction because you are embarrased. You don't answer to others.
7. Super natural compassion- Lord give us soft hearts
8. Super natural humility

I will enjoy going back through those notes. A couple of things that I took to heart that Priscilla spoke on: Figure out your focus. For me that is mothering and wife-ing...even if I am asked to do something that is good if it doesn't allow me to keep my focus on my family then it is not the season to take it on. I have started working with some new ministries as of late, and also planning to go back to school. That meant I needed to end my time with some other ministries and parts of my business. I don't think that it is ever God's intention for us to be so busy doing His work that we don't have time for Him or those He has entrusted to us.

Another area that Priscilla talked about was something that I feel so passionate about. Private ministry to others. She said that we are not fully embracing God's plan for us, any of us, if we are only working in the public area's of our lives. There are so many opportunities that God will give us to embrace a job He has for us alone, where we are tending to the needs of His brokenhearted, by feeding the poor, clothing the needy, ministering to the abused, raking leaves for a widow, mowing a lawn. A ministry that is personal not public. I would say that I feel this call from the Lord more and more. What I do with that call is between God and I, but I always pray for a heart that breaks over what breaks His heart and that I will bow my head to Him and where He calls me to be. These are the moments that I feel closest to God, the moments that if I close my eyes I can almost think I am in heaven and that bring tears so readily. Privately doing God's work is where my heart feels like it will explode with gratefulness and thankfulness that I follow Him and that He allows me to be a tiny little part of His glorious plans. If anyone who is reading this is feeling burned out on church, and wonder if that is all there is to following Christ, I say to you now, that church is what feeds us and gets us ready for ministry, it has not and never should be the center of our focus, Jesus is the center and how we choose to follow Him is the adventure of Christianity. Praising the Lord for the adventures of following Him here on earth.


Amber Joy said...

"I don't think that it is ever God's intention for us to be so busy doing His work that we don't have time for Him or those He has entrusted to us."

You're right.
Thank you for putting this into words.

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

Thanks for the written recap .. I was multitasking all day. :)