April 19, 2010

The Best of Times and The Worst of Times.

It was the best of days and the worst of days. That is how I feel today, today in bible class we studied the book of James, which is my all time favorite book in the bible. It was my abc's on how to be a Christian when I had absolutely no idea what being a Christian meant. The book of James is so special to me. Today Randy Harris taught Mike's class, either would teach the book amazingly, but I always am challenged by Randy's perspective and I have never left a lecture or presentation that he has given empty. Today he chose the most famous parts of James to talk about. From the Faith without works is dead, to guarding your tongue, then to the lure of desire, and then to the radical prayer. I didn't think class could get any better until Mike who was sitting on the front row chimed in as the character of the Apostle Paul to question Randy for speaking the words about works. They bantered back and forth about the friction that is seen between the two ideology's, and then Randy summed the banter up. James believes we are saved by Jesus, the end. But our faith changes us, when we really believe that Christ died for us, when we really believe that we can not save ourselves, and that we have been doled out more than truckloads of mercy to be given the opportunity to see Christ face to face for eternity, then there is a transformation that takes place that causes us to start making a difference for good around us. As Christians we just can't help it, if we truly believe, if Christ is our Savior AND Lord, then we will be changed from our selfish and sinful nature over time to a nature more like that of Christ. Thankful for the book of James.

Then I came home to prepare a treat of epic proportion that has been in my head for almost a year. Julie and Julia, the movie, starts with a scene where Julie has prepared Bruschetta with sauteed bread. Anyone who has seen the movie will remember the delectable Bruschetta. I have waited and waited for some yellow cherry tomatoes to arrive in our stores, and when I saw them at Sam's yesterday I grabbed up a container, then bought some grape tomatoes and fresh basil...and today's lunch for me was Bruschetta with bread sauteed in Olive Oil and then fresh garlic rubbed onto the bread with the bruschetta piled on top. I bought some Gouda cheese to serve on the side and voila, it was the best lunch EVER!! Here is the recipe.... I would have loved to have shared that special moment with my hubby, but as I am taking pics most every evening this week it would have been 9pm before I was ready to sit down for a meal. I did however, leave him and Sophie (the boys would gag at the thought of eating it), their own portions. It was such a treat.

The worst of times, in the midst of my day...there are non-stop utterances of groans and pains within me as I call upon the Lord for some very special people who have suffered a great tragedy. The words "how long," from the Psalms come to mind when I think of the suffering that goes on here on this earth. On the way back to Ft. Worth/Dallas area yesterday there was a car accident that took the life of two of the four people in the vehicle. The people in the accident were family members of some friends from church. There was a husband and wife, Phil and Debbie, then their daughter and grand daughter, the accident took the life of Phil and their daughter. Debbie and the baby survived. Unimaginable. How long, O Lord, until you come again? How long until we are all together on the New Earth without pain and sorrow? Please pray for God's supernatural consolation to wrap His arms around this entire family.


Leah said...

PRaying for them.

LOVE Julie & Julia and Bruschetta

Dee Andrews said...

The recipe sounds GREAT, Tammy. The accident - just awful. So sorry for the loss of lives. Very sad, indeed.