June 03, 2010

Summertime Fun in the Rain

Well the kiddo's have been out of school for a week now and we have been having a great time. Our days have been full of adventure as our A/C broke over the Memorial Day Weekend and we have been waiting patiently (I use that word loosely) for a new compressor to be ordered and delivered to be installed. We have spent a bit of time at home, a bit of time at the library and the mall, watching movies at a friends house and sleeping at Rob's mom's house at night. Thankfully all was fixed today, although it turned out to NOT be the compressor in the end. Our house is starting to cool off and we can pull the lipstick out of the fridge.

Yesterday a West Texas storm rolled in, the big black sky looked quite ominous in the distance and when the storm rolled over us we were happy to see the rain. The kids put their suits on, or sweatpants in Derek's case, and headed to the backyard. This rain was not your sweet gentle rain, it was full of drops that stung your skin as they were being flung from the sky with such force, and at times even had pea sized hail mixed in. I grabbed a couple of pics of the kids as they ran around in the cold, hard rain, if there was audio to go along with this you would hear them yelping here and there because the rain was pelting them so hard. But they had fun anyway.

Derek appears to be defending our backyard from the enemy rainstorm which he didn't allow in with his expert shooting ability ; )