June 28, 2010


I miss writing on my blog. I really do. It is a sweet old friend and it has been too long since I have stopped to share a story or two. We have been busy this summer, I think that is the case with everyone I know. I am enjoying being with my kids, and have enjoyed a summer without much of a schedule to follow. However, add some camps here and there and a trip to see family and the unscheduled summer is quite busy with activity. Derek has gone to two basketball camps so far this summer, and soon has his very first mission trip with the youth group. Rob will be going as a parent sponsor. They will have a blast. I am praying for both of them to feel the presence of the Lord each step, and as Derek is maturing into a young man to feel the call even more powerfully to serve the Lord by helping others every chance he gets.

Jack and Sophie have stayed busy too. Jack has several camps coming up, Sophie has attended a week of art camp that she loved. They will both be attending a day camp for APAC (Abilene Performing Arts Company) which will last 2 weeks and finish up with a performance of Annie Jr. at the Paramount on the 16th. This is a first for this type of camp for them, it is a very intensive two weeks so I am praying that they have fun and don't feel too stressed out about it. Both have several friends that are participating also so they are happy to hang out with their peeps.

Jack will have Camp Esperanza (Camp Hope) through Dallas Children's Hospital again this year. He just found out this week there was a place for him, so he is very excited. He loves the time at this camp and I love that he gets to hang out with a camp full of cancer survivors/patients. It is a blessing for him to see that he is not the only kid that has been affected by cancer. After Esperanza the kids will finish off their camps with a church camp.

We haven't been this busy during the summer ever with camps, however last summer the kids made it a goal to watch all 7 or 8 seasons of Full House by the end of summer and they did it with just a couple episodes shy. So this summer I thought we would try and add some extra activity. They have had downtime but no long stretches of it, and they have enjoyed their fun both at camps and at home.

I have spent my summer enjoying not needing to be studying for an exam ; ) I do miss school, and I am excited for the Fall Semester, however I am not wishing it sooner than it will arrive. I start beginning Greek this Fall and I am a bit anxious about it, but it has been the class that I am most excited about, so yay! it's almost here. Not too much longer will I be able to utter the words....It's All Greek To Me ; )