June 05, 2010

Fishing Tournament

There was a local fishing tournament today for kids up to 15 years old. They were allowed to have a mentor helping them with some limited tasks, but were required to do most of the ins and outs themselves. Elaine's husband, Tom, loves to fish and takes the boys quite often on Saturday mornings. Today he took them to Nelson Park for the 3 hour tournament. They all had a blast. Derek caught 4 fish and Jack caught 3. Derek won the 2nd prize for his age bracket and won a filled tackle box and a fishing pole. Jack won the first fish caught and the biggest fish caught and received a $50 Academy Gift card and a $25 Red Robin Gift card respectively. I would say it was a productive morning ; ) Best part of all they got to hang out and do some fishing which they both enjoy.


Amber Joy said...

Jack is looking more and more like Sophie with that hair!