March 09, 2011

Semester is Half Baked ; ) Research Shows It!

The first day of Lent. May God's great grace be what shines from us today. He is so faithful. Ancient prayers...that is what I am adding to my day. It is not much a sacrifice to add the words of those who have gone before me to my day; however, the sacrifice is in the discipline to research, post here, and personally to pray to the Father through the day so that the words become my own. I am tearful over this blessing. Thankful.
This website has some great info on Lent

The semester is half over. I can not believe it. This semester has been delightful, no class that has caused me nervous twitches like last semester. I am glad to go to class each day and I am thrilled to with the challenges before me. If I had to give this semester a word that would describe the overall experience it would be...research. Research on research. I need folders to keep all my research separate. Some days I forget what I am researching and I start researching for another class. It is not hard work, and it is interesting, but having so many research projects going on at once is stretching my brain a bit to keep all the information straight.

What am I researching currently:
For my Family Studies class - Marital Intimacy
For my Family Studies class - Strong Marriage Interview

For my English class - Messianic Passover Seder

For the McNair Scholars Program - Spiritual Coping

If I haven't asked you a research question in the last couple of weeks count yourself lucky. If I have...then thank you for helping me.

I could combine all of these and ask someone at a Passover Seder about their marriage and if things aren't going so well pass on my research on spiritual coping. But alas, it is all good stuff.