March 21, 2011

Welcome back routine.

Monday afternoon. Had an event filled Spring Break. Lots of family in town to visit and then a busy weekend at a beautiful wedding in Atlanta. It was great to see familiar faces and spend time with this lovely southern group.

I am enjoying the ancient prayers each day, I hope you are too. There is a discipline in the searching. But I do love the rewards. It has been a great Lenten addition for me.

I am in the midst of crazy with reading and studying for school. I am at this very moment procrastinating reading a book for my Family Studies class. Must not procrastinate very long...need to get the book read and written about for my class.

Another subject that I am in the midst of reading about is Messianic Passover for a "food paper" in my English class. Looking forward to my first Passover in a couple of weeks, that is if I can get my research completed and have time for preparations.

Have a blessed day....I am now opening my book ; )