Monday of Summit Week

Where to start. The last post was from our Boston and D.C. vacation. Pictures of our fun. This summer was a blast, but what it didn't do for me was give me any rest. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but it left me worn out at the start of school. This is not a good thing. I still don't feel like I have caught up. A huge part of that tiredness has come from my three kids all participating in school sports. This is a first for us. Up until this year we have been hyper-sensitive about down time for our kids and us too. We want down time. Our kids want down time. We love to eat dinner as a family and be together at night. I guess we still do, but what has changed is that we don't get to all be home and eat until about 7:30pm.

One of the places that God is working on me is to be present in each moment, and also to be a peaceful within. I do a pretty good job of this on my own, but once chaos ensues or busyness abounds, this becomes a bit more challenging. I believe that God is helping me to learn peace in chaos. I can't always control my surroundings, there are going to be times that are busy, and with God's transformations I can learn to have a peaceful spirit no matter the circumstances.

Spiritual disciplines have become integral for this transformation process to happen for me. It is in the quiet of the morning when my heart is devoted and focused on God that God's peace becomes tangible. Spiritual discipline's themselves have no power, but what they do is allow me to stop and listen, stop and pray, as scripture says, be still and know, most importantly it gives me time to stop and adore God. That is where I spend most of my time is in adoration of the Lord. I don't know how to explain this, I am assuming there are no words to explain fully, but to just waste time with God just reveling in His greatness is my most favorite part of my devotional time.

This thought brings me back to what Mother Teresa said to Henri Nouwen when he asked her for guidance on how to live for God, and she told him, "spend an hour every day in adoration of your Lord, and don't do anything you know is wrong." Mother Teresa had a great way of living simply and speaking simple words that were wrought with meaning.

I am grateful to God for this time.


Sports, yes, all three of my kids are in sports. They are all swimming. The boys with Abilene Christian Schools, and Sophie with Tidal Wave at the Y. The best part is that for the most part they practice together. We just attended their first meet this past weekend in Lubbock. Here are a couple of pics from this weekend. If you click on them to see a larger version the swimmer will be more apparent.

Derek swimming backstroke

Sophie swimming backstroke

Jack swimming freestyle

I am so grateful to this swimming program. All three of my kids are growing in strength, endurance and character through this process. I might be tired, trying to juggle some balls in the air to get everywhere they need to be, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Thanks be to God.


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