Your Command Is Garbled

Prayer by Walter Brueggemann

We imagine you coming into the barracks with your insistent demand.
We imagine you addressing
the sun to "move out,"
the sky --"let there be light,"
the sea--"stand back."

We imagine you addressing Israel, "be my people,"
and the church "follow me."

We even imagine you addressing us, each of us and all of us
with the order of the day.
We imagine...but the din of other commands,
of old loyalties and unfinished business
and tired dreams
cause us not to hear well, not to listen, not to notice,
and your command is garbled.

So come again with your mandate, with the clarity of your imperative.
We listen, because we know in deep ways that your yoke is easy
and your burden is light.
Come among us, because we are yours, and ours is a listening mood.
Give us ears and then hands and hearts and feet for your good news.

(From Awed to Heaven, Rooted to Earth: Prayers of Walter Brueggemann)

This was the prayer I read this morning in my quiet time. I loved it and thought I would share.


ChristyCate said…
Thanks! I like it too! :)

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