July 01, 2009


Late Wednesday night. Tonight was the last night for our Vacation Bible School at church, averaging over 250 kids a night. That's a lot of kids!! It was a blast, I look forward to it each year. My kids all love it, VBS is one of those memories that sticks with you for life.


I went to the chiropractor today to get an adjustment, I mentioned to him that Jack's MRI showed a couple of areas the docs were watching then talked with him about some holistic treatments that might benefit Jack. After talking with another mom whose daughter was healed through holistic medicine after traditional medicine did all it could do for her, I learned how important detoxing was in her daughters healing. There were several methods of detoxing, but none that are easy to come by close to home for us. My doctor told me about the ionic foot bath's that he does for his patients. It is easy and in 20 minutes with your feet in a warm foot bath along with an ionic contraption, toxins are released from your system and into the water. I knew that Jack has just the normal toxins from every day life, but also toxins associated with chemo and radiation that have been left in his body. I am not real sure that this procedure is the most effective, in fact I am sure there are some other ways, but some are uncomfortable and most far away. So I decided to give the ionic foot bath a try with Jack at the docs office. It was amazing what came through the pores in his feet. I wont show you the pic because it is not something that is pretty to look at, but his body shed a lot of toxic substances, a lot of heavy metals. Jack will need to do this procedure about 20 or so times to clear most of the junk out of his system. One more little thing that we can do to keep him on the road of recovery.

***After doing some research and even a helpful comment from someone on the post I think we will use a different sort of detox. There is so much info on either side of this foot bath detox. I am not willing to just hope for the best. So I am going to look into some other alternatives. Easy is not always best. ; )


Took the kids to see Transformers 2 the other night. I am generally quite particular about what I allow my kids to watch. Garbage in...garbage out. But for some reason, twice now both with the Transformer movies I have assumed they are kid friendly. You know what they say about assuming. I knew it was PG-13, but assumed it was for the violence of robots blowing each other up, because we are talking about Transformers here...right. Not only was the movie way too long, like almost 3 hours, it was filled with a bunch of trash. It certainly brought some conversations about. 2 Thumbs down from me.
Note to self: Transformers 3, don't assume it is for kids.


Next week all 3 of my kids go to camp. I can hear my computer whirrrrrrring with all the work I am going to get done. I will miss them terribly, but I am so excited to get some great amounts of editing done.


Anonymous said...

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